The dead-nosed reindeer (poetry)

The dead-nosed reindeer
Will change the atmosphere
From cheer to fear
Instant in a light-year

The cynical snowman
Like an evil program
Hate will last a lifespan
Sin his piping plan

Dead to me
Like your Christmas tree
Presents for devotee
Rotting disbelief

Doomed dessert
Black your soul convert
I’ve seen them at work
Make you hurt the worst

Goddess of gloom
Now in the room
I come with doom
Prophecy assumed

Hollow pumpkin shell
Endless souls in hell
Can’t help myself
Hate is heartfelt

War of the roses
Love decomposes
Lies is where his nose is
Overcast is ghosted

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

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