Little Black Book (poem)

I got a little black book
Of all the names I hate
Some contain a face
Some I advocate

I got a little black book
But I own no estate
And I’m always running late

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I love how a Taco Bell subscription is $10 a month – Walmart $13 a month, the car wash $19.99 per month, but because I’m a commoner, and most men have a porn and gambling addiction, and most men wouldn’t spend a dime on me, let alone a penny, because they’d rather send me marriage proposals or tell me how much I make their dick hard, for three years on social media, because “your pretty” is the validation one needs and they just sold their house or whatever, and I’m suppose to chat with these men on the daily, without them so much as ever buying me a coffee, or joining my incredibly cheap Patreon tier of ONE DOLLAR, even though they tell me they visit my blog and “enjoy” the content and “I’m gonna go far”

You’re right

Far the fuck away

Under a new identity already born

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