I’m done voting (free speech)

Non-citizens are allowed to vote now

Our best jobs are given to the brightest and most brilliant immigrants who move here and naturalize – have children – and give those children the good jobs; the president said “they come here and take our best jobs”. Yep.

Our children (native) must wait 18 years to get a say…

They come here, and ruin Americans with propaganda and take their right to vote away, thousands of Americans are not allowed to vote because of crimes they already paid for.

I love everything

But the immigrants continue to destroy the environment to build a mall or shopping center that will be abandoned in a few years

Narcissism is a plague


I can’t stand it

And I’m tired of people trying to force my mouth closed when I am a soldier and politics is what I’m aware of

Florida is sinking

The whole of America has sunk

This isn’t about your green card!

Native Americans live on plantation’s like suppressed little slaves

Unless Hollywood TikTok has given them limelight


Manmade cats are unnatural for the environment – destroying nature

Dogs and cats spread disease

Also “made in China” and the first Bible can be traces back to Asia

Gonna follow the trails to the caves in Antartica and cut off their heads

(Thinking out loud again)

They keep adding all these additional charges to carry a smart phone and I’m ready to sell mine or downsize to a boring dumb phone.

The Internet is all predator, propaganda, and porn. Spam and spyware. Viruses. And they make us pay for it….

I’m over everything

Voting especially.

It’s all glaringly corrupt

I will not shut up…

Things need to be fixed

People from other countries shouldn’t get to move here and vote sooner than our own children and selves who are native to here

But that’s not what the article’s will say

Just like the bullshite globalism agenda spread through the college professors – that I always argued with – the articles will say non-citizens being allowed to vote is a good thing

I disagree



Remember them telling us “don’t discuss your income in the workplace”

That’s because shady business was going down

Now some states are requiring full income disclosure

I don’t believe the government can have transparency without gaslighting and a lie

This whole society is built on lovebombing, triangulation, gaslighting, lying.

“Don’t block me out, Emmet. I know you can hear me!”

Because the Christian God is narcissistic and evil. The Bible today is a fallacy – and to your own accord – a sin.

Emmet was always around the children. And smoking.

He can’t keep a straight face!


Scene forward:

“And you can keep the jewelry! It’s fake!” *sinister laugh

And I was holding onto the gold like it had value because I put value on the cheapest things

“The thought NO LONGER counts” fixed

Men have devalued me for so long I no longer wanna look them in the eye

Annie no longer cares about the toys, she stated this.

Annie was depressed because Emmet said she would be

Tough love

“Keep your eye on the toys Annie, you know about toys”

How about stop conditioning me!!!!!!!!

Free will please!!!!!!!!

But not so much free will I jump in a whirlpool on ketamine like Jacob!

God bless what the fuck

I barely can dip my toes in the water without screaming

I don’t like anything in this society

Edgar was right to die on the street – naked – out of his mind

“The children have gone insane” and are boomers in position of power

Gen X the silent dangerous generation

I’m glad we’ve been ghosted by society

Won’t see me coming

And… while we’re on the subject

That cheap junk you’re wearing, that isn’t cotton, actually causes insanity, is extremely flammable and hard to put out

I bet the people in Pompeii were wearing synthetics

People dropping bills to buy foam shoes (which cause cancer/insanity)

All that sports clothing


And I hate how they came over here and changed the meaning of silk, satin, and Cordaroy to now mean synthetics

“Men can have babies!!!!”

Well, I mean that’s good and all that you’re growing babies now because you’ve pretty much made most women infertile with nihilism or the death jab or emancipation

Fake tits are gross

Plastic surgery is the devil

Narcissism at its root

I said what I said

Happy to help

I can’t even look at Melanie Griffith anymore, because of what she did to herself

I’m ghosting HollyWood

Grooming everyone to fuck children

Many famous people won’t let their children around TV

Red flag!

Rules for thee, not for me!

I hate it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feed the wildlife! They’re crying asshole!!!!!! Stop destroying everything to build a shopping center!!!!

Get the fuck out of my house!

Immigration is a Trojan horse!

Feed the birds! Squirrels! Trees!

Start bonding with earth!

As intended and designed!

“Since 1970 68% of all life has gone extinct”

Please wake up now!!!!!!!

Sell your TV!!!!

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