Trust (poetry)

My trust setting is lower than yours
Like opening sores
Instead of closing doors
I am dead for sure

I’m lost
And in despair
The maps will lead you there
Does anybody care

Men are capable of great things
Except for taking care of me

I’m so far from reach
Tongue has lost its speech
The big sweep
Got me on my knee
Locked in misery
Losing sleep

Depression is a roundabout. I need a different route!

Found my worth
Dying on the cross
But it isn’t your loss
Nor the hole in the wall
It isn’t your turf
But don’t let me go, Murph!

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

STOP 🛑 Free speech below ⚠️⛔️⚠️

The way the forest was crying. So I tossed out a homemade trail mix. I swear I hear tweets of “thank u” and cute little calming chirps from the squirrels. When I hear crow arrive, I boldly and loudly say “CROW” out my window to greet him/her. A couple evenings ago Crow said something and a kid loudly yelled “shut up” to the crow.

Also a kid violently threw away some trash and I saw a squirrel fly from the bush onto a tree – in fear.

So all things live in fear here – thanks to BLM ✊🏿

Someone was loudly playing a “pussy” song out here from their car.


An abandoned wildcat is terrorizing the squirrels. We have 6 or 7 living in the slums now.

Being homeless might not be so bad in the summer.

There was a tent but it was sold at the pawn.

Along with all the other cheap shit that didn’t mean a thing.

Been tossing perfectly fine hardback books away in the trash.

Yet holding onto some book with torn pages.

I’m to blame for the ripped pages.

I place value in things I shouldn’t.

I deserve nothing.

The weed stopped working, and God doesn’t want me disassociating anymore. Boo.

I spent a load of money buying hardware and now they decided to stop selling that hardware and they replaced it with new hardware so you can’t replace the batteries and recharge or anything like that and so like I’m just done with the goddamn bullshit everywhere including my phone

They want us to pay for the phone – and the service – and the storage – and now you need an account or an app to read or do anything

It took a shit ton of effort to delete my PapaJohns account – had to call them – took them several minutes of jerking off – and supposedly it is done. They are selling your data, to the enemy. Tracking you.

I just wanted to order pizza man. I’m done ordering pizza. Cool beans.

And then, if you don’t keep all these apps updated, they’ll just keep changing their policies, spying on you.

Bombarding you with ads “you will buy this”

Newsflash: energy is not endless like the sea. Those in power are delusional.

NASA is delusions of grandeur

America is selling sex toys in front of children everywhere, and me! It’s disgusting!!!!!!!

Fine! Starve me on the cross! I refuse to participate!

The weed don’t work no mo!

The eddies. The flower.

Long time ago homegrown lasted longer than this overpriced, GMO modified junk!

Tier 1, tier 2, tier 3

Fuck all that

And… the kicker… having to pay to enter a “medical building”

I have to jump through the hoops to get to my legal weed, but y’all are selling sex toys in front of the fucking children for “health and wellness”

And apparently on the street, they’re selling junk as well and you get sexually harassed and your goods stolen

Where the fuck did the mindfulness and community unity go!?! You could smoke a joint a be set for a good 7 or 8 hours in the 90s

Meet up at the tree. Break time. Wee

I don’t even wanna go to the movies or go to the restaurants or buy anything because everything is fucking poisoned and everyone has a goddamn attitude

And they want a 15% tip for ringing you up

Bitch, you didn’t even greet me nor were you smiling

I worked 3 jobs with a smile…

Gentrification exists

And NASA and Hollywood are the same entity. We can’t expend all earth’s resources getting to a dead planet – we probably destroyed with bombs and fearmongering

We killed off the dinosaurs too

Narcissism and nihilism is killing off everything

I’m sick to fuck of crying…

The day is starting

There was no sleep again…

“Scientists” continue to say that we are in a sixth mass extinction (new world order agenda) but overconsumption is due to narcissism.

I’m tired of environments being destroyed for a fucking shopping mall that will be a abandoned in a few years

It’s clear the enemy took over America

Give it time, the church will be selling anal sex toys for “health and wellness” too…

Get it off the icecream truck

Probably cheaper than the icecream these days

It’s all conditioning

One gen to the next

It’s a utophian nightmare

We can’t leave earth!!!!!

Stop killing her!!!!!

The divorce rate is 85%+!!!

90% of all murders happen by men!!!!!!

Wake up!!!!!!!!!

Please father, don’t let me die on the street

Down here with all these demons

“You’re gonna die of a good time down here”


The gaslighting 😩

Can’t even watch a film

Throwing out all my band memorabilia in the trash bin 🤩

So much moneytimeenergy wasted 🤩

There won’t be much left to bleed soon…

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