The blogging community is full of demons

The way these narcissist delete lives and comments without any remorse

Therapy is just a stage for them to practice lying

Narcissism isn’t rare, it’s a fucking plague…

Spread by the Bible via Yellow Fever propagandist

And scientist say we’re in a six mass extinction and the Bible has been around 6000 years so you do the fucking math or don’t I don’t fucking care anymore

The census show BLM at over 230% rise and White Lives Don’t matter at a 10% decrease

“Since 1970 68% of all life has gone extinct”


Women create. Men destroy.

And they don’t give anything enough time to replenish. The sea is not endless food for us. Your Bible is a lie!!!!!!

And it’s been pushed down my throat since I was born.

NASA is a dogma stealing your money

I don’t think CGI cartoon is what I had in mind when being taxed to death – to visit a dead planet because you can’t sit still long enough to stop killing this one

“90% of all murders happen by men..”

Yeah but…. don’t even look at me unless you want WW4

The wars will never end because the people in power have delusions of grandeur and are sending cars into fucking space

And now they’re moving asteroids and shit around?

My cell service continues to drop and lines are all in the ocean…

So basically, if you’re talking to me, you’re lying

That’s how fucking woke I am

Y’all believe aliens are real, and that computers have feelings

I do have one question for God and that’s: do Asians have the smallest penis of all and that’s why they fucking gaslight and do all this!?!

“Mirror mirror on the wall, Asian men have the smallest penis of all”

“So we’ll lie and program the world to think our childlike women have magical vaginas!!!!!!”

It’s all full circle now

It’s a game of the elite and I’m sick of playing delusions of grandeur

The cookie crumb traces back to Asia

And I’m sort of getting to the point if you don’t get me away to my own land and away from these fucking immigrants – things are gonna go fucking west pretty quick, and I don’t give a fuck if I wind up in a goddamn ditch

The fact that they raised taxes so much crippling a nation

But if you read articles about immigration, they will all claim they are doing well family and financially, but Americans will say the opposite, and the low paying wage jobs and homelessness proves it.

But you won’t listen over your green card or Yellow Fever

I’m fed up!

This is why I say I’m homicidal instead of suicidal and this is why I encourage people to just go fucking mad in the streets because fuck everything – they probably had it coming that goddamn street

That fucking morning shift deserved everything they got

How much you like your job again?

You like it that much huh

To treat customers and residents like we ain’t got no value

That calm you see from me

Ain’t really good

But I guess I’m learning to gaslight too

I’m starting to stalk people on the road

And I will wind up on a ditch if I don’t leave the city

At least I’m quitting the new age weed

So more emoness incoming

And poetry too

If God allows me to continue making a mess of everything

Those NASA images are just a fairytale

Elon’s education and hair is fake

He had connections

I can’t believe the fucking moon landings were rehearsed

If the government is talking, I don’t care to hear what they have to say

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