The holy inquisition yellow fever madness (free speech)

Let him get back to the holy inquisition yellow fever madness
Magical pussies
Walking on water
Delusions of grandeur

Hello God


It’s astounding to me that these yellow fever men do not have the sensibility to see – on the cover itself – which edition of the Bible they are reading

Because there are many versions

And they are different

The Old Testament versus the New Testament

The new revised standard version

The King James version

New International version

New Living translation

Just the fact that it was translated is a red flag – I watch basic movies in both languages – the original or translated – and the translated version most always certainly changes the meaning

Remember that study, where you tell someone something – and by the time it reaches the other end of the room – it’s completely changed.

Something simple like “the sky is red” will turn into “the sky is bleeding”! It’s obviously misleading (The Bible)

(I think I’ve read them all – I have a stack of varyingly different versions, some with the word of Christ “in red” (the conditioning), some that are super tiny, some large, and the first I ever received age 4 – in color, with a map).

Men try to control my every thought and move – but didn’t think I’d be smart enough to study the Bible and learn anything other than “to be seen and not heard”, “women come from rib of man”

No Asia, everyone comes from vagina – and not just magical Asian ones

Men come from vagina

Men cannot have babies

I will go down fighting

God exists outside the yellow fever Bible – that has been re-written many times – and the edition can be found on the cover – it’s not opinion asshole

Furthermore, I do have a degree and did study World Religions.

But because I’m white and female – my word will always just be “opinion” to man who creates and controls this entire delusional world – that I don’t want to participate in!

I don’t have value because I’m not an Asian with a magical sideways pussy.

Y’all are fucking insane

Porn destroyed you

But keep blaming marijuana as the gateway drug OK?

You’ll soon be selling sex toys at the church for health and wellness

The way you are now selling sex toys at Walmart, Dolls Kill, CVS, Walgreens, the mall…

You don’t even need to be 21+ anymore to enter

It’s all been conditioning

And because Asians supposedly are the “most educated and hard working” they come over here and they take all our best jobs too and that’s also not fucking opinion

I’m pretty much done voting, dating, or looking at men

If you are white, I will boldly presume you have yellow fever

If you support the Bible, I will boldly presume you have yellow fever

If you are married to an Asian, you most definitely have yellow fever

If you look at me with any interest, I’m gonna assume you have yellow fever

If you are alive, you have yellow fever

If you act interested in me, I’m just gonna reply “I’m not a ten, I’m not Asian”

“I don’t want to be your fleshlight”

And that’s what living with real autism is like

Many of Genzie and millennials, who claim to be “autistic” are really just emancipated

I’m kinda disgusted with humanity and those “in charge” ruining everything with religion and race

They use art and cartoon to get yeah

And NASA admitted it’s all “CGI artist interpretation”

James Webb only sees in red

I don’t know how else to get through

The rest is just data and numbers


They assign colors to numbers

It’s not even art, it’s an algorithm

And I’m tired of being conditioned to think that AI is art, it’s fucking not

It’s cutting corners

It’s lazy

It’s cheap (tho expensive lol)

Like I worked really hard to be a decent woman for man

And you all have yellow fever

At least the majority do

The fact that I’m still ascending (descending into hell)

The fact that God doesn’t want me disassociating anymore

“Where do you get your truth”

Not from the Bible – it uncovers the grand lie

The Great Pyramid scheme

The Great Wall of Deceit (is being disassembled on the black market and sold to build homes yassssssss – tear down the wall)!!!!!!!!

Did it ever occur to you that I am the truth

I’m one of God’s angels (I declare this and identify as angelic)

I am a truthmonger

I’ve been questioning my parents and the establishment since I was very young and I knew this was all bullshit

“How do you know the sun is so far away, you’ve been?” (Asked age 5)

“We shon a laser on a wall”

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, or whatever news it is because you won’t believe me anyway, but the sun is electrical and closer to us than you’ve been told

Now I don’t mean plug in a socket electrical

But water exists as a fourth stage: plasma

Also, the Moon is a dead star (earth probably actually formed from her but whatev)

Again, I never believed the earth-moon theory

Never believed in the Big Bang model

Or the evolution theory

Or, that “women come from the rib of man”

If that somehow makes Asian women better than me – because I don’t believe in delusions of grandeur – and instead equality – then so be it. I’ll die alone without any worth from man cuz I’m not plastic surgery or yellow nor will bow to them simply to bow

Respect is earned

I know my worth even though I’m constantly crying to God “I’m worthless”, “I don’t deserve anything”

Apparently, this new age weed can cause suicidal ideation, and further complicate PTSD.

I’m getting off it now as I’ve never been more suicidal in my life

Big pharma also made me extremely homicidal

I will be real with you – so-in-so needs to go ahead and file multiple restraining orders- and I hear the more you have – the less they work

“90% of all murders happen by men“

But the other 10% – !?!

Are people worth going to jail for? No

But if you’re already dying and dead…

And you’ve sold or trashed everything you own…

What’s to lose!?!

It’s not murder if eye for eye

“You took my life”

But I have faith that God wants more for me than dying on the street or revenge from atrocities

It can go either way

I’m prepared for the worst outcome – dying

It won’t be jail or committed


Porn has made it that man has no value at all – though he is racist to his core

I read into many articles about yellow fever – and migration patterns to the USA

It’s only the immigrants who say that are satisfied with their income and family here – and I summed it up to gentrification.

And now Biden made it so non- citizens can vote.

Americans are slaves to the Asian and Asian Americans who identify mostly as “Chinese American” and mostly only care about Chinese culture

Chinese culture has taken over America including yellow fever

Magical childlike pussies huh

Y’all are disgusting

I don’t wanna look at anybody in the eye

Some guy paying me a compliment: “I’m not Asian, shut up”

I don’t even wanna hear what any have to say…

I’m not Asian therefore white lives don’t matter

10 responses to “The holy inquisition yellow fever madness (free speech)”

  1. Scientist say we’re in a sixth mass extinction and the Bible has been around for 6000 years so you do the fucking math. Everything‘s been wrong since Asia got involved.

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  2. Also- Asians continue to put themselves in positions of power (and often hide behind a white man) – they also have “too many men” according to their own science and laws (one child law and preference of “boys” with females being aborted). This is not by mistake but all part of the grand design for them to rule the world.


  3. They make their women childlike and willing to do anything sexually – and submissive. They spread pedophilia through Hollywood, the Bible, porn, Asian women.

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  4. Nail on motherfucking head

    Men will never agree with a woman

    It destroys all their demented plans

    Comments and lives can be deleted
    Without remorse…


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