In China and India, men outnumber women on a massive scale.

China and India have 70 million more men than women. The consequences are far-reaching.
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All the violence. And we open our borders in America and let them extend the same violent upbringing on us. Porn is an issue but let’s just destroy the world so you can keep gaslighting and jerking off.

He bought his wife and demanded sex four times a day and beat her when she did not comply. Then she fled and left her 3 year old daughter with him.

Pedophilia starts in the home.

“Too many men” and too much violence. Porn activates the primitive side of the brain. Rape, murder, lies.

This society is all built on a crumbling lie.

Those in power want the world end so they can rebuild it under their fucking rule – using AI, and the DNA ark in Antartica.

They are playing god and creating a matrix filter (the great filter is real) where generations born will be made under them.

So they can claim all this as their own – as they believe they are god

The Bible has been re-written many times (it’s called versions dummy) and is Satanic

There is so much fearmongering and narcissism in the Bible. Just like Hollywood and NASA (asteroids are bombs)

I’m not saying asteroids aren’t real, but they can’t stop dropping bombs everywhere….

“Since 1970 68% of all life has gone extinct”

“6th mass extinction”

But as long as you can cum….

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