Inflation Experiences for Lower and Higher Income Households : Spotlight on Statistics: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This Spotlight presents consumer price indexes for groups of households at the lowest and highest end of the income distribution for urban households to examine how different spending patterns can change measures of inflation.
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It’s gentrification and narcissism and those in power set the inflation rates.

They are the reason the rent keeps going up.

They weren’t hurting or remorseful when we were suffering. They were spending money on travel, entertainment, phones and cars. We were trying to pay rent and eat.

They’re amused by our suffering.

A 10% difference is a lot when the majority can’t eat while the rest are at play and having fun. Killing the world is fun!!! We’re kings!

I’m done. With everything. I no longer support society. I am withdrawing from everything. It does not serve God or the natural way.

This is so sad. We only get this one life. Our nation was crippled by immigrants who are not crippled.

Those at the top are the immigrants!

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