And you’re a fucking child…

Please don’t refer to me as an “older woman” again

Or group me there

I know you’re a pedophile

And I’m GENX

But I’m only your 8 years senior

And that’s with the 10 year “decade” window

It’s considered NORMAL

And the couple that was recently murdered here in Daytona Beach – during bike week – double homicide from a BLM immigrant – she was only 8 years older than him – they had recently bought their dream home that they were biking home to

He stalked them and gutted them near a school

Now he gets better treatment for his mental health than I do and I served my fucking country and am facing homelessness (again) (sigh)

“You will own nothing and you will be happy”

You mean like stalk people?

Hunting them down like you want to gut them in the street.

I mean, yeah

You get 3 meals a day, an hour of sunshine, dental, free rent.

Where is the punishment?

I sit in an overpriced run down 4×4

The amenities aren’t even opened on the weekends, no 24/7 gym pool but paying the price like a fool

But due to gentrification in the housing market – it’s kinda hard to move up to the east side

This entire society is built on narcissism, the very foundation is a lie

Did all your dreams come true in Nam?

I’m about to jump off a fucking dam…

Don’t call me older ever again

It’s barely 8 years

Oh, it’s because I’m over 29 huh

And you’re a pedo

Don’t call me old when I’m still bleeding from my legs every three weeks you fucking insensitive asshole

I hate you

But, I do have the eldest blood of all the bloodlines

It’s kind of hard to bleed yourself dry when you think on yer superpowers

Fucking old

Like 13.7 billion years or something

At least get it right…

I’m not old, I’m glorious and that’s why guys are chasing me down when I’m in the isles crying

They just wanna spend time with me

I look like a dying zombie but many are mesmerized

I don’t know what they see

The age always disappoints them

I don’t talk to men anymore anyway

The new responses will be, “oh honey, I’m not Asian”

“I’m not a fleshlight”


“You can’t afford my fleshlight”

That’ll really fuck em’ up

God didn’t make me hush

It’s possible he left his ministry to me because everybody seems to keep calling me a whore

And treating me with little value

I probably have a fortune in Bibles lying around, but you know

“I asked you to prove to me the Bible was re-written and not give opinion”

“The version is on the cover”

“This comment no longer exists”

Pop goes a demon

This is why heaven is empty

This is why my views are low

“Because of you, I can only smoke down here now”

Oh goodie, I’m glad I make messes in heaven still

The way I do on earth…

“God is love”

“Love is the great anomaly”

God was here!?!

God lives here!?!

Gotta get his house cleaned up

He doesn’t treat me ill

Creating bonds just to break

Breaking souls

To get a rise cuz you are numb and void and soulless and without remorse

Women over 40 have value – even if society has ruled us obsolete

Because you’ve been brainwashed by society to be a pedophile

And we’re meant to socially bond very young…


We’re not born to be your fleshlights

I got educated to save a life

It’s not my fault that doesn’t impress you

Or my tiny savings

One and five men have an STD and a divorce under their belt

Not interested in your opinion of me any longer…


Women over boost men’s egos to not get murdered – in general

Men obviously are crazy and go through hormonal changes if “90% of all murders happen by men” and you know women get prosecuted harder for crimes cuz we rarely do

If more women committed crimes, the punishment would be less severe (like men)

And a demon has no remorse so therapy is invalid

My mental health is being destroyed with malicious intent and purpose, and has been since I was born

But I get called crazy for having to deal with being told what to do 24/7

Man has put his overrule over everything – trying to be god

Changing time

Literally trying to control women’s periods with birth control and everything else they do

Trying to control every aspect of time

“Time is energy” and they control the energy crisis too

Trying to fix the weed – the premium weed is weaker than homegrown from the 90s – it ain’t premium – it’s expensive junk and shite

Trying to control the food supply

“Natural flavor” in everything

The Great Filter of nihilism

Destroy everything God created

Man trying to take over and control

Making humans in a lab


Honestly, you can’t even listen to the music because they did something to the frequency to cause depression

They are using weather modification and they openly talk about it now, so you can’t keep calling me a conspiracy theorist

It’s ruining the earth

Causing disasters

“But the insurance will cover it” (another filter)

No one wanted insurance, but they pushed it on us, just like they pushed the one child law on China residents (whom had been brainwashed into believing it was a good thing) (over 1 million parents lost their only child – and too late for many women to conceive after it was lifted – and many men left their wives for a younger one. But there aren’t enough women anymore and “too many men” due to their science! (All planned)

The white race is systematically being destroyed through racism (it’s not how we’re reporting dummy)

I don’t want to live my life through a computer screen or an algorithm

Most of China is depressed – apart from gentrification and “them”

Also, that Chinese politician who implemented that law and went to jail, he lives in America now

All the bad ones are allowed entry here…

They are fighting wars from a computer screen now and accidentally blowing up families an Afghan and going Oh sorry you can come live in America though.

They bring their entire family here

Violent upbringing and all…

Black Lives Matter

RIP couple gutted in the street – this isn’t the same country I fought for – I’ve wanted out of Daytona Beach since that violent crime – and crime continues to rise here despite reports of “best place to live” (it is not)

And they are forcing workers to work alone, and people are robbing the place and getting murdered – fuck that – I’m not dying for you and your goddamn taco

Jim Morrison was from Florida and loved tacos 🌮

And I love a little taco job – but I ain’t dying for this society – which is sinking faster than the Titanic

Go USA (the American Asians identity as “CHINESE American” and value Chinese culture” and only vote 1 way

We’re just pawns in their sick game

Just because you work in a factory 18 hours a day and allow your fucking government to dictate how many children you have – it doesn’t make you smarter – it makes you fucking dumb, not hardworking

And I’m so glad that family value and living together generations together like cockroaches is valuable to you because you’ve broken up the family home in America to have this – to fucking have America

Immigration is a Trojan horse and only the immigrants are happy here


They’re miserable in China too, because they fucking brown nose their government

My boomer mom believes anything the Bible or government says too

And you can’t tell her otherwise

It’s been cold here all day. The lizards haven’t even come out and I wish I had a little heater for them.

I made a vegan dish and I’m eating it and I also got a rebound session in

I may take a break from blogging for awhile, while I try to figure out how to detox from fucking weed – never had a problem with weed until government and science got involved

But now I have an addiction and suicidal ideation, and PTSD complications for voting yes for medicinal

I’m done voting – anyone can do it

And the immigrants who come here and their fucking teenage children, they actually get naturalized and get to vote sooner than the people fucking born here

I’m no longer participating in society therefore, I am not voting or doing any of this man-made bullshit anymore

Toxic masculinity

You barely hear of any women in the Bible, and when you do, they’re called a whore

“Men can have babies” (you see the conditioning) (cloning LGBT human rights vs AI has feelings)

The men are just monsters who are pedophiles and will do anything to get to the children fleshlights

I read about how y’all are buying wives and how horribly you treat them because you bought them

Shame you can’t take care of your creators (men come from vagina)

I’m sorry you’re mad about it – we didn’t make the rules

Men do spread parasites through their cum which can cause cancer and other health problems

It doesn’t affect men the way it does women (many men have no signs but are ill)


The government gave me an addiction with malicious intent and purpose

“Premium content”

And pay the state to enter a medical building for wellness – while sex toys are sold in front of children (conditioning)

LGBT is a cult and all over the walls of the VA now

Why was I always shamed for being a girl and told to cross my legs growing up but gay men are fucking dry humping everything and dressing tacky in public 24/7

Just because it’s a song or art doesn’t make it okay or right

That stuff was always at the gay bars and that’s where it should be along with the sex toys at the 21+ stores

I said what I said

Apparently, China have a “savings problem” and they don’t want to spend and that’s my problem now, I have a savings problem, I don’t want to spend either…

I don’t have a man who wants to build me a house, but it would be fucking amazing if we could build one together

I’ve never even been valued enough to be taken to the opera, or given a piece of jewelry with any worth

Still – men seem taken back by my ugliness or beauty (I’m undecided which)

Pretty enough for them – just don’t like my petite frame (but you do Asians huh)

I don’t remember the guy I was dating for three or four months, but he was really into me I thought until one day he broke up with me and said that my pussy was great. He liked my personality, but he hated my tits.

I was in my early 20s

And even with all the negative conditioning, I still did not go get plastic surgery, even though there were times I could afford to do so, instead of traveling

But I got to breast-feed, and had hopes of doing it again

I think I’m human still

It’s human vs demon here (and many of you disassociate from what you truly are, a monster)

But you choose to be despite things and entities trying to push you that direction

Every time my true soulmate gives himself away to another lover, I go further extinct

I don’t even know who I’m talking to anymore because none of you want to change anything

You all want the world to end

I’m outnumbered unfortunately

You had me believing I had no worth when it was really you

I was hoping to save someone

And are you paying attention to the 18-year-old and 56 year olds dying?

Vaccine death jab (I’m at risk for ASDS)

Adult sudden death syndrome

I’ll never get another flu shot or vaccine again and I’ll never trust a doctor and I’m just gonna go with what God gave me

Men are pulling the veil on us while destroying the world

90% of all murders happen by men

There’s enough food, and everything to go around for everybody, but they have us in this dark field

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