In China, growth policy compounds the toll on parents who lose a child

One-child policy leaves some parents childless, hopeless and facing financial ruin in old age
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It’s tragic. Our mental health is directly connected to our dicks and vaginas. They sterilized and aborted an entire nation!

They’re still doing it with vaccines!!!!!!

I also learned the vaccines contain aborted babies (it’s real)!

The government needs shut down!!!!!!

This is tragic!!!!

It’s narcissism! It’s all serving the Devil!!!! Or darkness! It’s not unity or being one with earth!

Stop killing everything! Women and babies especially!!!!!!

Y’all are insane but want to commit me!!!

Immigrants have taken over California and New York and they are coming after Florida. Most Floridians say Florida has changed for the worse. 

The VA is corrupt and so is the White House

And according to the official stats, the majority of immigrants vote one way 

I will rise up

And if it takes five people to arrest me, five people will go fucking down

I’m fed up!

The fact that most Chinese thought the one child law policy was a good idea…. 

It also creates narcissism

They’ve ruined America with insurance and taxes and COLA 

They’ve ruined everything and everyone it seems

Too much control

And Genzie and millennials don’t give a fuck about anything so they’re not gonna rise up and fight anything except for the wind to light the fucking lighter for the goddamn weed

And their sex toys

LGBT is a cult

Sex toys are being sold everywhere in front of any age…. little curious boys looking at the anal plugs at Spencer’s

Can buy online at Walmart, CVS, Dolls Kill, Walgreens, ect

Dildo’s and vibrators for “health and wellness”

Disgusting 🤢

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