*sigh* (journal log)

I went and got some medicinal

After several days of cold cutting

And zero sleepz in the nightz

I caved

Got 1 vape the size of Texas, a 10 pack of indica blueberry edibles, and 7g worth of “premium ground”

Back home – hit the pen twice – feel the happies

I arrived “can you check my pen, I don’t know if it’s charging/working or in my head”

Gave myself 3 options tho

1. Cold cut quit (aggressive)

2. Not renew my state license in April – ween myself – slow quit

3. Not quit – pay the ridiculous fees – to maintain

4. Vote for recreational (nope, you’ll have to cut my dick off before I ever get out again and vote)

Look where voting for medicinal got me: an addiction

Prior to the government getting involved, weed never gave me no kind of addiction

Unless you count the feel goods

I’m literally more motivated on it

Suddenly, with my new flock of bird neighbors – and the medicinal two toke hit after several days none, I feel like I could clean up the slums

There’s a Gold’s Gym down the road – could like join

I’ll have to disassociate from dudes watching me

I think the guy at the shop is into me

Not sure how I wound up with six bucks back but took my buck and he was like “you got another five”

I only took X amount of cash in to avoid overspending

But between the 50% off deals + another military discount + more cash back than I had calculated, I’m square

Paid like 40 bucks or something

Also, the blueberry eddies are 10mg pieces, so I’ll be eating one with my dinner / evening bath

Not smoking to disassociate, just to function :p

I’m at a crossroads in my life

I decided to throw everything overboard!

I may jump!

Not to die!

To jump ship!

It’s terribly hard being autistic and suicidal: “how yah doing today”

“I ain’t looking for a bridge to leap, and the sun is out!”

Politically probably not correct but honest to the core

The other customer was listening to me order and him give me all kinds of recommendations lol

“I haven’t slept in 3 days and sometimes I just need a sativa”

I think he pretty much ordered everything – I went in as a walk-in

But he seems keen to service me

And she was like “sorry for listening” lol

But I was trying to hurry cuz others arrived and I even offered to get out of line – anyhoo – he listened to what I needed – his suggestions were good – including where I could buy a decent pipe to smoke the flower, cuz the shop I went to sold me a non working glass pipe – and I love wasting my money

Right now I got rice papers from the medicinal shop – and those were tricky to learn – but they are slow burning – and aren’t as strong (very smooth paper but probably poisoned)

Like I registered to vote for recreational a couple months back – but that was before my meltdown

I’m having a midlife crisis

Right now I’m sitting on clean linen and thinking I might could manage this dump a bit longer – if it means land for me in the future

If I were to renew, I’d want fresh paint and carpet.

I mean, the apartment is nearly empty and I’d pay them an extra $200 to lay some fresh paint

(The carpet would need to be a free replacement as part of the renewal agreement – especially as long as I’ve been here – and the COVID pandemic)

This isn’t a good time to be homeless

People aren’t returning emails or phone calls about places I wanna live

And “Astoria” was a big mistake

I don’t want anywhere near this county or HollyWood

I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m going to do

I have a very busy day doing real world stuff

I hate real world and would rather disassociate

Because people are involved

And I have to be civil

I identify as Angelic and this is spiritual warfare

I’m like fight mode 24/7

The birds moved near me

It’s changing me

I don’t disassociate making content and I wanna get in the headspace to get back at it

I’ve been self-loathing

But also working out – I wanna get the peach in shape

The boobs need a little weight

Half my kitchen was donated or trashed

Some is packed – it might get trashed too

Pantry is empty

Everything is on the table remaining

The lease is up in April

There’s been no invite to renew yet nor have I given any 60 day warning

Don’t know what month to month rent would cost (like if I needed an extra 2 or 3 months to find my new home) (and stay without a 12 month lease) (if they still do that the costs go up)

I don’t want to be homeless dying

My bathtub is good enough

As far as rebuilding my financial wealth – I’m working on it

The little cushion I have, doesn’t go far in a 40% inflated economy – realistically – and per research

If I could get to a gym – and get outside these walls

I’m just re-inventing myself – even if to start fresh

I need a sterilized and stable foundation

I prayed to God “I need to be closer to Pretty Bird” and he sent me a flock

Swear to fuck

Clean bed sheets tonight


I have to be careful with this new age shit, it can trigger my ptsd and suicidal ideation

Sometimes you need to take a break and let other people order for you

I don’t really want folks offing themselves – I say terrible things – I’ve slept with the devil

God knows I sinned

I tell him often I’m not worth anything – while begging “don’t let me die here”

It’s complicated

I’m hungry

Food is good

I have leftover soup and bread

I’m trying to find my place in this world – and balance

I’m a Soldier, I like working out – but now I do things differently since I’m at risk of ASDS

So proud of myself for finally reaching my ten minute rebound goals this week

And then 20… 🙂

I’m glad people notice my efforts in the real world – I’m sensitive about my skin scars and stretchmarks tho

Don’t mind my giggly boobs but they need some foods (been ill but also working out and detoxed too)

Got down to 110 in fact, now putting the weight back on

Was 112 last at the VA (will check soon)

Been several weeks tho and I’ve been rebounding most of January 🙂

I’m starting to see thick in the front – like the quad maybe or thigh area

My leg muscles are forming more and tight

My stomach is pretty flat but could be better

I want more tattoos 🙂

Would help make the new me 🙂

Something feminine and cliche


Wouldn’t mind some tasteful flowers on my hip area but I gotta find a real artist

I don’t want to decide what will look good on me and the exact spot

Like bro, do your fucking job

I need to hire a decorator for my new lifestyle

I’m a Soldier and poet

I know war and I know words (terribly)

These days it’s the algorithm fucking me up 95% of the time

I miss being a Soldier

I miss my comrades

Gift giving is the heart of tribal union – exchanging gifts. Now I know why I do this.

It’s not my fault others think it’s “too much” or never return anything. I wasn’t in it for returns.

I give because I want to

It’s tribal

I have the eldest and rarest bloodtype – with only 6-11% of the population having it

Part of the 240k woke too

I’m kinda in a cult aren’t I


Must eat!

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