Stay in the light… (poetry)

The light moves
Through dark and greys
The way it soothes
When heart would stray
It won’t lose way

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I think the sun is likely female

Light is information

Your heart, brain, your nerves electrical

Little light-beings

Not your fleshlight

“I’m sorry Cooper, you had a gift and you didn’t get to use it”

If only my parents would acknowledge their mistakes with their children

The father must be wondering if he’s sending his sister out into the great unknown to see if “I am happy”, in which, “I am not” and I’m stalking my father to see if his address is on the sex registry, where I learned a list “is not forever” – in fact, many states are reducing the length of time a name should be on

My own flesh was surprised to just learn that the list “is not forever”

The list should be one list and forever

Maybe I should go pay the ole father a visit

Will be hard to look upon him without spitting or disgust

Can barely write this now without snarling

The Boomers sold America out

Need land. Want to grow things.

Been disassociating. Have money. Lots.


I swear to fuck, Edgar just said, “this one’s on me”

He doesn’t want me dying in the street

Been there, done that mentality

I need a lock of his hair and Jone’s skull

Thinking of buying land out in Montana

I’m gonna get him outta that fucking hole

People do it… I’ve read

Years later. A recovery after the government said no.

They were later blessed.

They just went in and did it, danger and all.

Some die trying. Bless.

But many mostly succeed. Determined.

He wants out. It was his final wish. His last will and testament.

Management thought a death would bring in more $$$$. He was disappointed it closed. Surprised. I read his own fucking lines.

I wanna rip his fucking cock out with my teeth

Maybe I should write a story – fictional – and focus on buying land in Montana instead

The desert is probably a terrible place to grow things

Are there trees in Montana? Is there sunshine and a sun? What sort of food can I grow? What are the taxes like? What are restrictions like? Can I have a chicken coop?

Not to slaughter but I’ll steal the eggs – with gratitude and love

I don’t know how to take care of a plant, let alone a chicken…

I could dig a foxhole and protect them tho…

I don’t want to kill the fox tho

The fox is hungry

He will probably be getting fed..

All of God’s creatures can come to me for food

If God will allow me to provide for them

I want to be called Willow, or my land

“Willow acres” or something

1-5 acres is all I am asking for

I have a COE

Please ask God to protect me from my crazy behavior, I’m spinning wild

Should I buy land in Florida? I don’t wanna now – it’s gone – immigration ruined it 😦


The sinkholes, the limestone

Can’t even take a bath after knowing what recently happened to that one brother “in his bed”

What the fuck was he looking at tho? For real? The earth got mad!

Sorry don’t meant to victim blame

Terrible terrible way to go

Sinkholes are to be feared

And most Floridians fear them more than the gators…

Please stop using the animals as entertainment and selling their teeth

I still have mine – and cry

Poor baby gators

Getting their teeth knocked out for a few bucks

God made me so depressed


I always hated investing but now I’m trying to study and learn and just keep going over it until something finally sticks

The ah ha moment

All my research says stay away from the stock market if you don’t want your savings to plummet

I’ve had mine in investment funds for years – growing – ungrowing – I fear to peer

I didn’t know I had any at all

I thought I had lost it all

I have my down payment for my land or home – and I can borrow against it or remove it all (with a penalty)

Or keep investing (with minimal to high risk)

Are banks even interested in a $15k down payment? Does money still talk?

I’m talking 1-5 acres

Is cash still king?

Or do I gotta take in a gift card and doughnuts?

Shouldn’t they be feeding me? To get the sale?

The Army and Marines took me to lunch – more than once – the Marines heartbroken when I chose Army green

Oh boo, my uniforms are obsolete

And I’m so fucking small – I get lost in them now..

Can’t even sell the new ones – even old – cuz they changed uniforms again!!! Immigration is a Trojan horse!

Me and the old vets complain about how these kids don’t leave a building to fight…

They’re planning something sinister

Is Montana a good place to move? About to throw a dart…

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