“What’s the matter honey, you depressed?” (true tales)

“What’s the matter honey, you depressed?”

“Get help”

Those were the questions asked of me after I was rudely cut off on the road, so I rudely began following him, to wherever we were now going.

We wound up in a parking lot for several minutes – he threatened the cops – they never came.

Got his license plate number anyway

Stalked him until he was sweating anyway

But y’all keep giving yourself away

I should have responded “homicidal” but asked “was he in a rush to get to his prostitute.”

Of course, he called me a “manhater” LAUGHS

I’m ready to rip your veins from your neck – and your cock – with my teeth

Please keep risking my life – and then insulting me when I call you out

When he threatened to call the cops, I responded: “I hear restraining orders don’t work – and the more you have the less they work. Please call the cops.”

He retreated to inside his vehicle – but it didn’t stop me circling his vehicle like a vulture

So – y’all are making us depressed with malicious intent and purpose – so we’ll “get a job” and “see a therapist” – something must be wrong – we cry and boys don’t. Ohh boo

90% of all murders happen by men.

Please keep pissing me off

P.S. the jobs and medications to keep me asleep while you live a double and triple evil life – no longer work

Maybe you should have treated ALL WOMEN with respect, not just the prostitutes you’re “in love with” according to the latest studies “most men want love with a prostitute”

*throws up

Fuck you

Cut me off again

I double dare you

P.S.S. That’s TWO days in a row I’ve had the cops threatened on me.

P.S.S.S. Might be meeting my future husband soon and getting a new home. Do you think I’ll get visitation?

Yes. No. Maybe (select one) (please return)

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