From Hell (poetry)

I’m wailing
Climbing walls
Jumping halls
Tell God I’m sailing
Direct from hell to heaven
Breaking spells
Predicting lies prevailing
The Devil got me detailing
And if you’ve done it
I’m telling
Double dare you
I’m yelling

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

Postscript: (beware)

I downloaded the JetPack cuz I’m tired of fighting the current.

But my bank pulled some shady shite today and I’m ready to bury my money.

Shit like where you can only use the app now to upload a check and automatically enrolling me into Bill Pay when I clicked on “learn more”.

The app was uninstalled but then you can’t use the check deposits feature or check your check deposits via the website (I’m tired of being forced to use an app or automatically signed up for things just for learning more)

But buried cash doesn’t earn interest

But I don’t trust the banks

Now would be a good time to drop recommendations on where to stash your cash (like a checking and savings)

I looked up the top ten worst banks – I mean the Federal reserve just took down a bank.

It’s hard to get a handle on my paranoia these days – and it don’t help when folks are always calling the cops on you.

Does someone want to gift me a paper bond? I need one for my 50th.

I suddenly have goals to live to see my 50th – and enjoy it – with a big lump sum of cash.

And so I’ve prayed to God, “I’m saving for my future. My 50th.”

I probably only have a few seconds left but I’m bargaining.

I cry and ache so much.

But maybe, if I am alive, in say, 6 ish years, I could celebrate.

Anyhoo, I’m already invested into that plan – I started this very month.

Even nearly dead, I’m planning for my future

(I hope it involves my own yard to plant these seeds I’ve started hoarding)

And then this happened… and now I’ve lost all hope

The Chinese must have got ahold

It’s a gamble saving for your future when you’re already dead

I can’t believe I got this fucking death jab – I hate the medical system with everything I have

Banks are collapsing

Governments are beyond corrupt

Have you seen the amount of murder/suicide lately?

They say we can’t wash our face with tap water anymore.

And I was stupidly here and there snorting tap water up my sinuses like a dummy – after blowing my nose or something – putting a drop on my finger – I ain’t the brightest crayon in the box

But a man in Florida recently died from a brain eating amoeba doing a tap water sinus rinse

They say drinking the water is fine – but don’t shower with your face in the water, don’t wash your face with tap water but drinking it is just fine

And I had just washed my face in the shower – with the tap getting all over – mouth closed – cuz earlier reports said stop showering with your mouth open

But a kid died from a splash park

And now – a man – rinsing his nose with water


So stop washing your face with tap water (per official guidelines)

I guess we gotta start boiling the water before we bathe

At this point, I’m afraid to brush my tooth

I had a splash of shower water get in my nose – had a headache all night – panicked – said this is it

I ain’t dying in a hospital

Only 4 folks survived a brain eating parasite – and that kid that died at the splash park – well the employees were quietly quitting and not cleaning the water properly or documenting it

None of these official employees or states or governments ever get in trouble for the shit they do

Like that mass murder suicide in 2018 with the lesbian couple and 6 blm kids – the youngest jumped from a 2 story building and begged the neighbor not to go back

She should have ran far away (bless her heart, she tried so hard) (the state stood by and let her get murdered) (all of them)

Drove off a cliff

No escape

Locked in…

State murder lots of folk scotch free

Apparently, those who play by the rules are the mark

I’m coming to terms with that

I hate all these “new changes” as if it’s in our favor, benefiting us

It’s not

I made coconut cake

It’s a meal and a treat in one

Flax, and oats, and pumpkin seeds

Eggs, coconut milk, coconut flakes

Topped it with lots of oats and seeds as well (not just in the mix)


The world is ending but I made cake


Seriously, do not wash your face with tap water…

(At this point living near an active volcano may be safer than living with this government)

(Some crushed pineapple in the batter would have made this cake divine)

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