“He came quickly”

“He came very quickly and then left”


Sounds accurate

I know I’m not well – it’s just – He left very quickly is all cuz she fell asleep so how could she know anything?


Are they Iranian? Muslim? Persian?

Now don’t be mad (you will)

But I dug foxholes in Iraq – I saw the salt lines where it had been under water – I stated “this is where Lu fell”

I was in my 20s

(I don’t condone violence but don’t they do stonings still over there)

But my kind is called savages?

Well, I’m starting to believe a Native sold us out to a white man – still MY HOME LAND

And the immigrants are doing honor killings under our policies

“Surprising details”

(They probably won’t tell and I sound racist)

(They’re demons)

(Hush now)

God loves you

Sleep well 🙂

Heart symbol

The comments: https://nypost.com/2023/04/14/nima-momeni-allegedly-killed-cash-app-founder-bob-lee-over-fight-about-sister-court-docs/

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