Despair is starting to fill the love boat.


She's a pyramid scheme


Slaves any way you cut it...

Mixed Up

He need to just fuck me and get it over with...

Emotional Blackmail

What if I told you her methods are emotional blackmail.

Black Tongue

"Sometimes a cigar is a cigar" and a liar is a liar. Narcissism 101

Song 999

Obsession yo, on all fronts

My Sunday, how’s yours going?

I am a victim of criminal mischief

Tools and Twats


Walk Away

Now that I've slayed the evil, what's next?

Lu Part 999 (We dream backwards)

The devil is obsessed with me but the feeling isn't mutual. Unrequited love. It all makes sense now. (Freestyle midday demon slay)

Rhyme and Curses

Searched decades, found him in hell like a pimp with gals on every arm and he spat at me, his fucking soulmate, said to piss off


Here a dick, there a dick, everywhere a dick dick

Wicked Games

He's just like all the rest... wicked

Kinky vampy bitch inside


All Hallows Eve



The sins of anger (Or maybe A Visit From Lu Part 8?)

A Visit From Lu Part 7

A Visit From Lu Part 7!!!

A Visit From Lu Part 4

A Visit From Lu Part 4

The Day I End

Maybe today is the day I find my courage

A Visit From Lu Part 3

A Visit From Lu Part 3 (new poetry series)

A Visit From Lu Part 2

A Visit From Lu Part 2

A Visit From Lu

A Visit From Lu Parts 1-7! An ongoing, experimental fantasy poetry series / end of the world love saga

Caught Between the Devil

Caught between the devil and the poems I keep writing...


I thought I was just a gatherer but I suppose I am a huntress as well.

Devils Sea

maybe something inside

King of Sorrows

He wears the crown of suffering. Another freestyle.

Darkness Falls

A poem about dark hearts


Possible trigger warning. Depression and suicide is the subject. Be warned. Including original digi art of myself.


The problem with being a fallen angel is sometimes you bite when you don't mean to. Sometimes we cast the wrong spell & summon the wrong demons inside us. (The truth is, I never want to hurt him. I just want to love him the way I was intended to love him).

Chemical Burn

His love will scorch you. Your heart might get burned.


A poem about the devil in hell or about depression. Depression IS hell.

Lived and Learned

All the things I've done and want to do. Truth is, I only want you. A tragic poem which contains an ounce of hope. My life is a Shakespearean tragedy. 😊

Dark Alleyway

The lure of fucking love. A poem. A micropoem about purgatory, longing, desire.

Love Is Always On

Love like his should be criminalized...


A poem about sneakery and lying. Narcissism. Snakey habits.

Love Like Russian Roulette

His love is like Russian Roulette For all he's had and still not found love yet Under his reign I had many debts The lost and wounded are his favorite pet's Losing you won't give him any regrets He's already forgotten you I bet His love was like Russian Roulette It doesn't matter if they … Continue reading Love Like Russian Roulette

The Serpent

Ever kissed a serpent?