Vegan “chunky” soup – from scratch

I started with a pot of spring water in a glass pot

Filled it with lots of wild rice (red, purple, black, brown, white) and green split peas

I dropped in a couple of my cinnamon spice sticks (secret ingredient for any stew) – along with many other spices and herbs

An entire onion (farm fresh), rosemary, thyme, salt with the necessary nutrients, pepper, a touch of the good olive oil

I also added yellow split pea, and lentil to accompany the green

Potatoes and tomatoes 🙂

And I started a 3rd mystery plant – provided by my local library. These are edibles I’m growing – and hope to add them to my special soups! I’ve never grown anything indoors before – or in a windowsill

But I have a lot of unused space in my apartment – as well as sunlight – a desire to learn – and a hungry belly for real food (not poisoned)

So now I got the “3 libras” growing in my dirty window

Homemade vegan soup (from scratch) with warm bread

The soup turned out amazing, I also added green bean and a small tin of tomato sauce for color, and will be keeping the tin to sprout some new seeds.

I added homemade pepper sauce to kick up the heat (summer sweats)

One day maybe I’ll have a husband that chases after my food instead of a prostitute

But for now I’m eating the entire pot of gold

“You said not to spend it honey, you did not say not to melt it and turn it into flakes”

(Please don’t hurt me like Bob)

Heart symbol

P.S. the vegan vegetable chunky soup took hours to simmer! Might make a fresh pot of cornbread for the leftovers tomorrow! Might can squeeze a third day/meal if I’m lucky! It’s very hearty and fulfilling! I was out of carrot! Make you a stew! Don’t wait until winter!

Cooking and fitness is part of my purpose. It may be “boring” but it’s healing my heart and giving me more time.

Bob was 43. I’m 44. My sister died age 45.

So, I’d like to live please (let God know).

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