You have dreams from my nightmare
Plant a flower that is rare
Tell me how you don’t care
I’ll be there
With flower in my hair
Dancing but nowhere
Erase me like your software
Drop down now in prayer

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

Things you should know about me: I’ll never ask for a Senior discount.

Never ask a lady her age

It’s your job to make me feel as young and youthful as I feel

Dying and still clutching the “Goddess of Youth” title

My nightmares become your dreams

Plant or pluck

Pluck maybe seems implied if it’s now in my hair – and what exactly don’t you care about nihilist?

But, we don’t know who plucked the rare flower now do we?

We can only assume

And you hate assumptions?

Found something the Devil doesn’t like.


My favorite game to play

Oh goodie

It’s a full moon

I must manifest purification and a husband

Some guys don’t mind the miles especially when they see you make effort to keep it mint

And apparently, I may be worth more now than before…

Because the actual Jeep place wants to buy my ride. “Worth more now” – eh maybe

She kinda imprinted on me

I worked hard to get her paid off

Need a mechanic I can trust

Wanna see how many miles I can get – but they go quick

It’s not a good time to buy a house or car


I am looking for land

Maybe a sleep barn

Gonna hide cash like a squirrel

Let’s play Easter egg hunt 2.0

Who can find the treasure chest?

I can’t even find another apartment to vacate to

I’m not paying for cable

Plus everything else

But please, don’t call the cops on me when I wind up in misery

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