Rags to Riches

From riches to rags
From rags to riches
It must be such a drag
Doing nothing that he wishes

And I’m raising the red flags
Pulling monsters from the ditches
Reminding God of broken airbags
The Great Anomaly comes with glitches

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

I found the pot at the end of the rainbow

But I’m still dying

More cute clothes arriving

And organic cotton joggers n tees cuz t3 sarah mode

Gotta be comfys and calm and collect

Revenge is served coldly with a smile

I was double cursed

But Edgar (my daddy) already died naked on the street (been there, done that)

I know why Cleo died

I’ve traveled far through time

I’m not sinking with the Titanic again

I fear those waters for a reason

I know things to happen before they do

Major events

Little events

Been questioning authority from in womb / day 1


You’re not living how I God intended

The Great Judgment has arrived

Get right with me God

I want so many bird houses on my property that I forget where they are

Bring the pressure washer when you visit

I’m sure everything will need a clean

Bring pieeeeee (not poisoned)

(Anything bought is poison)

(Even the expensive vegan things)

(Bring all the ingredients for me to make a pie instead)

“I wanted to bring you a pie but they were all poisoned”

I know you’ve never had a real biscuit before

My memaw taught me to make them

Said, “the only way to a man’s heart is through his belly”

Or was it stomach?

You tiss it when u big enuff cuz you ain’t big enuff yet

She had 5 acres with a 3 bedroom trailer

I ain’t asking for much

She had 12 kids with her husband

I ain’t been married yet

The Boomers stole everything from me

And now BLM have the audacity to ask me why I move where there are black people?

Bitch for real?

I will fucking hang you on a tree

Without remorse

*stay humbled*

I’m only a messenger


When you want to feed pretty bird but also skin a head…

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