Gotta get this off my chest

Someone posted a tiktok of a 911 call – with a man dying and taking dying breaths

Another user commented it “turned him on”

Also Chicago was overrun by darkness

And the local cop here told me I need to move – “out of Daytona”, “all of Daytona is bad” “I hate to tell you to move” “I hate to lose someone level headed like you”

Well, I’m more reckless than anything – but absolutely still serve my country – I ain’t running away – I practice running a lot though – on my trampoline

Gotta make sure I can wind the Devil

They gonna try and shoot you from the back

Zig zag but with skates?

I don’t miss my shot tho

The Army trained me to hit moving targets 500m back

I’m efficient up to 350m but definitely passed all my skill sets

I ain’t gonna have a skill issue

I was only 4 rounds from expert first time on the 9mil

The hubby got a lot of work to do

“I gotta girl / you want to meet her? / her name is 9mm”

90s hip hop yo

Other men dying – turn men on

Uhm, men hearing babies cry, turns them on


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