Count (mini poems)

She told me on the phone
You weren’t doing good
Felt good to my bone
You suck at motherhood

I don’t know how we let it get this bad but we did
We’ve been in fight or flight mode since a kid

Do you count the times I visit?
You and the Devil in business?
God as my witness
I’ve been acquitted

Love don’t match the physics
The rock is livid
Are you good at listening?
Do you think it’s christening?

Do you even miss me?
Feel the hatred crippling?
The hours wasting
The Devil is your painting

Weapons and fingernail polish
Gifts for a goddess?

There’s a river flowing through the ocean
That’s where I’m going
I’m never chosen

What am I supposed to do father
Sit around and watch in haste
I watch the whole world spinning
While their soul goes to waste

Murder attached to bad management
Let’s call it “an accident”
Near the tomb inscribed “very tragic”
John Jones would claim it

I’m pretty good at bad decisions
There is faith but no ambition
The mirror’s not what I envision
I wear a cloth but hate religion
I’m making friends but not with wisdom
Prayer feels like only wishing

I’m still pulling his hair from my creases
He’s still putting together his thesis
Wrapped up in all of me
Until all life ceases

I’m cleaning out my closet
I’ve got monsters on the run
The walls they’ve got my claws in
Digging for the sun

Hit the high ground
Don’t want you around
But wait don’t go
Guess you can leave slow
I don’t want you here
But you mustn’t leave the show

Taking pride in my belongings
Put a reign on the longing

Homes should come with manuals
Basic do’s and don’ts – we’re animals

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Circa August 2021

Heyyyyy it’s almost my birthday!! 🥳

Woo hoo! I’ve got stuffs in my Amazon wishlist!

The big ticket items you can scroll past. That’s like a what if lottery ticket. The little items are just as important to me.

My therapist says painting my nails and self-care is good mindfulness practices.

So far, since starting my list, weapons and vegan fingernail polish have been gifted to me. Thank you for the gifts! 🤩

So very grateful for your support out there! For keeping me safe, fed, and in a happy place.

It lifts my spirits.

The birthday falls on August 19th. I am a Leo baby. Fire sign.

Leader of all the signs of course. 😌

Spots the establishment punish me:

2 responses to “Count (mini poems)”

  1. The mirror is not what you imagine but many times it brings us closer to reality and if you undress in front of it there is no greater beauty than your own reality.

    A pleasure to read you. Hugs from afar.

    Liked by 1 person

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