Rotten Fruit (poetry)

Rotten fruit falls by itself
If you’re compelled
Don’t bid farewell

Could you drop good news with the bad?
Could you learn happy just means sad?
Could you leave but still come back?
Or are you ever planning that?

There he goes again
Slamming the door!
And I still don’t know
What we’re fighting for!

Where did your will come from?
Was it bought from the sun?
What will you become?
Is your will firm?


You should have kept your head in the book
You should have took a second look
You should have chose a different route
You should have crossed a bigger chute

I know I’m not what you need
That’s why you keep walking away
I know I’m not what you bleed
That’s why you have nothing to say

Been down a ways
Get little praise
Been down always
Been down always

I made a mess
Of these prison walls
Out of order
The sad owner
Of these pitfalls

I am the still of the lake
With underwater currents circling
The whirlpool in your eye full of hate
Forgiveness won’t be surfacing
No mercy at the break

Why does weight cause gravity?
Like my love for you
You will disappear
But I am stuck like glue?

Last seen
Smoking on the Bayou
Got the deep blues
Gonna cut loose

Restarted just to leave,
Alive just to grieve,
Got what you need?
Stop bailing on me!

If I could do it all again
I’d let you be my influence
Blood to pen

Jesus: didn’t you say he left your bed?


Jesus: and he won’t share a slice of his bread?

*feather tremble 👀

He slams the door
He makes an entrance
He begs for more
He is relentless

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

photography by @poeeternal

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