I found sungrown and happiness *sigh* (trigger warning)

Trigger warning: addiction

I’m not renewing my card stash but I might cuz I found sungrown in the ground with the sun and trademarked! They tell you where the strain comes from! Florida or Amsterdam etc – there is waayyy less packaging and they treat their shop like a medicinal shop instead of recreational. Did I mention they grow stuff in the ground with the sun?

Makes a difference and it works! I still want to quit and my card expires on 4/19, right as all the good deals are coming in.

I don’t have to worry about fentanyl laced products and this is legal and no I won’t share or buy you any (get yer own card$)

Not Delta 8

I still want to quit but this is the stuff that works

Also not seen – vape pens & 2 free pre-rolls I scored

Today I turned on the radio and got lost in 90s alternative and metal doom



I haven’t used up my allotment yet and still have 2 days of potential relapse shopping to do

There went the rent money honey

(I scored it ridiculously cheap and am having a panic that I won’t be able to top up without my card)

(I’ll be racing to the doctor, help, hurry, my card expired)

(So I was trying to avoid that scenario by spending my savings)

I hate me but a little less today because the weed is working

I don’t think I’ve ever had this much weed in one sitting before but alas it’s the apocalypse and I’m trying to quit an addiction

I’m feeling less homicidal off the Curaleaf Russian cloned “the state won’t let us grow it in the ground” junk

Only 2 in that stack isn’t “sungrown” and the fact that they had to “TM” their products

Stay away from Curaleaf

I found “sungrown” at GrowHealthy but I don’t know who owns it

But I like that they have LOCAL herbs – grown right here in the “sunshine state”

I picked up another “mystery plant” today – making this number 4

He’s in the mini tin in the windowsill and already had some delicious spring water

I have 4 pots to put them in once they mature but I have no idea how to move them – and still – with directions – couldn’t make the “paper pot”

Also scored more seeds for my land – once owned. These are non GMO, USA seeds. Added some spicy peppers to my collection!

Him: what sort of things do you need?

Me: a goT damn garden



The other store was selling “head space” at a luxury price and all hydroponic crap (which made me want to gut Bob and I was like “but whyyyyyy”)

Today I enjoyed music again (with the help of “sungrown” TM)

I’m hoping I turn my apartment into a food jungle but why am I afraid of plants and all of this?

Like putting a seed into dirt, sun, spring water and watching it turn into food that will nourish me

Like woah

That’s more than my mother did


Bath time and cannoli’s

I needed something to regret wasting my money on other than weed

6 responses to “I found sungrown and happiness *sigh* (trigger warning)”

  1. The goal is to ween myself without having the temptation of a shop – which requires me to not pay the doctor or the state for access to the special shop

    I dunno if this will work or not!

    May need a rubber room on a full moon!

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  2. Thank you. Trying to cold cut hasn’t been going well – and my heart needs as little stress as possible.

    I thought if I let my card expire while having a squirrel stash, maybe I can ween myself.

    It’s extremely hard for those who have an addiction, no matter if said prescription was prescribed or not (mine is prescribed and I’m struggling to quit)

    I want to learn new ways to deal with the pain and stress.

    I want to share my story and this sort of rawness scares me to share but I’m hoping it might help someone else.

    Plus, folks should be aware that extremely dangerous products are being sold and unregulated.

    Thank you for commenting! This is a tough and expensive battle!

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  3. You are doing it well! I am hoping you will get it through. Your writing alone inspire me to learn more of what you have and I am telling you the truth, your words and actions can truly help you and I be better persons all life long! 😊

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