Prayers from purgatory

There’s almost nothing left
My sister is dead
I’m bereft
Sick in the head
Near out of breath
Want money in the bulkhead

Compartments upon compartments
Secret dirty pockets

Here I sit
Here I remain
Losing grip
Can’t change the game

Mirror mirror on the wall
Reflecting curse
And where I fall
Fuck you all

Bonds come in many forms
Like my love
It comes in swarms
Electronic storms

Feels like I’m restless
I’m vested
Better than arrested

I thought investment always meant high-risk / cutting at my wrist

If a paper bond is lost, stolen, destroyed or otherwise mutilated, a replacement electronic bond can be requested.

The wife called aggravated
Divorce threatened
Says husband is hated!

New purchase
But it won’t help my purpose
I’m worthless

Late bloomer?
But don’t be discouraged
Blame the Boomer’s

Forced obsolescence
And second guesses
Year-long stresses
Everything depresses

Secular science / sleeping lion’s / full of compliance \

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.

My nutritionist complains that spring water “has no calories” but I get cranky when it takes me 3 days and several stores later to find it

Florida and Texas have parasites in the water – and if we can’t wash our face with it – so it won’t get up yer nose – I checked – the ear canal is also a route – but then I would think the eye

Sylvia Plath LIED

I gotta start boiling my water to bathe

If your houseplants are dying, stop feeding them tap water. Pro tip.

I’m still 110 pounds – despite eating a shit ton of mostly vegetarian food – and not rebounding for a solid week.

Kept eating like a pig – nope can’t gain any weight

Getting back to rebounding tho – just been deep down wallowing and trying to fatten up

My heart is obsessed with rebounding tho – the carpet still hasn’t been replaced but it’s still March and time is awful slow

Also me: I’m running out of time

I don’t have an ounce of patience after wasting my 20s & 30s

I cry so much

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