In Case (poetry)

I tried to shake him off
He wouldn’t go
He’d only flutter
And bop around
Organize the clutter
Prepare for undertow
“I love you” he will mutter
In case I didn’t know…

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

He’s a very clever otter and must have been one in his previous life. He doesn’t mind my storms. He collects the debris to build a stable foundation and home. 🦦

New writing game. Write a poem about my mistakes. Tell the world.

Eminem made a name of himself being a fuck up and Edgar died on the street and I’m somewhere in between of I don’t know what’s next for me

So there’s your theme 🤪

I am dealing with some serious real life issues and it seems the devil enemy has got me surrounded

“I hate it here” John Jones

Hear, hear

All the shops are closed. I’m having a meltdown and they’re enjoying a 3-4 day calendar holiday that they invented

This timeline isn’t real

April fools because 13 months originally

When I realized two weeks ago that the entire world is not on the same calendar and Ethopia is seven years behind….

I sold my TV 📺

I have 8,000 photos scheduled for deletion

My best friend got rid of everything before she offed herself too

I just wanna move…

From this building to another off property and preferably out of city

I know it’s asking a lot when I don’t deserve anything

Or maybe I deserve better things

Than the things people monsters have destroyed

Turns out they look a lot like family and friends

I dunno, they’re all dead to me

I’m trying to ghost Apple

But I’ll likely have a comeback

It’s why I’m fighting for my life

It’s called will

Once you lose your will to survive, the mold will get you

Especially if your foundation was built on a swamp and is ran by an evil Chinese dictator overlord slumlord


If globalism is the reason, the land keeps going up and all the taxes, then please for the love of fucking God, stop immigration

Living in a tent soon (if I’m lucks)

Ohhh tent never used – going in the to be sold at the pawn

One less item to worry with jumping ship

CMON John Jones! We getting da fuck outta here bro!

He ain’t been saving my life in vain….

(If only my therapist knew I was communicating with the dead)

(She knows about the holes in my wall…)

(She understands why the sex toys being sold in front of the children triggers me)

(Cuz I was sexually abused as a child)

(“Oh”) *quietly sobs*

The sins of the Father 🤩

Satan is the Devil ran by an evil Chinese dictator

I mean, I wrote a love poem.

It is the end of the world.

His love is the equivalent of “stopping to smell the bloody roses”.

I like when he cleans me hypothetically.

“You’ve got some on your nose…”

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