The Hunger (poetry)

Did you ever think God needs you here to keep this place from going under
You’re light and thunder
Relax your plunder
I need you longer
To wake from slumber
Realize the hunger

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal.


I write for God now.

Could you please let God know I’m exhausted and need to rest a bit longer.

These demons have not stopped pounding me since I was born.

My dreams consist of multiple murder and full vape pens.

The mind normally gets what the mind wants

The face may show sadness, the eyes show rage

“The scientists” say that once bees are dead – all life will vanish

“The scientists” have fucked around with the genetic coding of honey bees, which has resulted in a 50% life reduction drop.

The honeybees only live 50% of the life God had intended for them – now that the “scientists” have reduced their genes to half life.

They thought the bees would be “more productive”. Pay attention

These demons are killing EVERYTHING

I do not fear imprisonment, my heart would self-annihilate or I’d ensure humane ending via a cop ending my life prematurely

Keep swinging your dick on the road like you have more importance than everyone women

Tell me something is wrong with me again

I’ll respond: what’s the matter honey? You in-love with a prostitute?

Yes. We know you all are.

The studies say over 50% of men want love with a prostitute and would legalize prostitution

There’s also a direct link to sex trafficking and prostitution – with testimony from men, “she looked trafficked and frightened and underage but it’s what I want”

Fuck you

Cut me off again, anywhere, anyday

You only treat prostitutes with respect huh

Like this book “racing the light” that I checked out from the library just yesterday – nowhere in the synopsis did I know porn would be the subject.

So far, the writer has used his characters to complain about the daily women, one being a “skinny scarecrow”, the other being “fat” – yet glorifying the porn star on the poster, how she looks amazing wearing “all black”. How they wouldn’t fuck her during a podcast show because they have boundaries


I’m done reading!

Chapter 7! He’s on his way to meet the famous pornstar!

Gag me! I’d rather die than live in this porn infested society!

Stop conditioning!

This book should not be at the library!

Walmart and the mall should not be selling sex equipment in front of children or me!!!!!!!!!


Tell God I’m angry!!!!!!!

The honeybees deserve more!

Science is unethical!

Art is sin!

90% of all murder happen by men!!!!!!!!!

The other ten percent I’m contemplating falling in!

So many men are committing crimes they are reducing sentences – opposite for women – hardly any do so punishment is more severe

Rules for thee, not for me

I’m gonna fuck you up if you smile at me incorrectly or refuse to open the door when you see me

Cut me off again

I triple dare you

Money don’t mean shit to me

Ending your pathetic society tho – like Bonnie and Clyde

I dream of it


Of bloodletting

With the de-lite


All before morning coffee

Born this way

Need him to go where I’m going

The library is no longer a safe place for me – I’m angry and contending with that now

I sensed this with the LGBT and Boomer staff lurking and the “smell of lies” and the street political thugs in gold begging for my signature

Still there was hope


It didn’t last very long

People ruin everything

I’m finely crafting my monster and angelic side –

Men have suppressed me from sex and defense

They get sex and murder – with the slap of a hand

Cut me off again

I can’t be the only woman feeling this way

Gonna start a riot

The way doctor lady swallowed when I told her “according to the latest studies over 51% want love with a prostitute and would vote yes”

Gutted her right there in her stool

Continued gutting her with more facts

I’m maybe the Oracle but get treated like Agent Smith

I’m maybe Neo Trinity Morpheus too

“Why me Gabriel” (you’re going to hell for the life you took – you’re fucked)

Should I join the order of Satanism? I was reading over their website – I read the DR book age 16 – it cost money to join – they say titles are earned – whatev, give me Priestess or fuck off – I will keep my $$$

Also, should I join? The order?

Of Satanism?

Revenge is a dish served by an Angel rogue in hell

It’s just another form of narcissism carefully crafted

“We’re not religious but we are, we think we’re Gods”


Oh yeah?

So adorable

I really enjoy spending time in the sun getting “weathered” and feeding all God’s creatures

Probably causing them more harm but the intention is good

Tell God I’m sorry for being such a fuck up

I know I’m suffering cuz I died via suicide – this hell

But when do I?

I’ve been conditioning myself to do it since in womb

Age 5 on the kindergarten – got in trouble for putting “string around my neck and pulling” – wasn’t allowed sunshine or going outdoors for weeks (fuck you)

You treat prisoners better than civilians

I’ve got scars from cutting on my body


I worry more about my stretch marks than I do scars over my big veins


Wanna get married?

*jumps from bridge

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