Local Void (poetry)

Alas, The Great Nothing
I warned what was coming
Every single morning
Why’s no one running?

I’m sick of slumming
Overlord act cunning
Tell him I’m humming
I’m done succumbing

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Postscript *please do not read*

You ever have a near death experience that lasted a long time?

I just saw a demon toss a live tree in the trash.

Onto the next holiday.

Apparently honey bees have a reduced lifespan by 50% thanks to science.

I don’t recall voting on whether we were allowed to edit the DNA of bees.

Like I. Give. Up.

I’d really appreciate it if the doctors and scientists would stop killing everything. I know there’s a DNA ark in Antartica and since 1970 68% of all life has gone extinct and honey bees are half life cycle now – so chill.

Not made by China India Mexico

Stop World War 3! 🛑✋🛑

Wakey wakey!!!

The weed don’t work cuz they fucked with it

Stop wasting your money

Unless you got some non gmo herb from before the 90s

Asking for a friend

Mold kills more trees every year than fires or people

Mold is of intelligent design and evil

Mold is from the fucking void

It’s in the walls

It can shapeshift

It can control animals

It loves darkness, death, and decay


I’m convinced we’re in hell

And holidays aren’t real – manmade time traps

Stop cutting down trees to decorate and trash

Stop murdering everything you fucking demons

I fed the lizards chilling on the air conditioning units today

Feed the god damn animals

Save the trees 🌲

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