Walmart is selling sex toys online in the health department (proof)

When I was growing up, sex toys were in the “Adult stores” that were age 21+ and only

But now anyone can buy sex toys at any age – (the Mall is also selling adult toys in front of children; conditioning).

Look how the algorithm includes suggestions

And over 1000+ search results….

So this is America now.

I am LOUDLY quitting

And I just thought you should know

What our children have been exposed to

And how you should stop supporting the enemy

Boycott Walmart

Boycott Walmart

I did send up feedback in the app to the AI in control

I am uninstalling the app

I’m gonna keep starving until I find food that isn’t poisoned 🤢

No one is doing anything to protect my precious energy

I do not own sex toys and have not for years

They desensitize

It’s not actually “healthy” despite being sold in the health department online

What’s next? The gas stations? Next to the crack pipes?

Also, Walmart is adding natural flavor to the beef. It ain’t vegan if it’s got natural flavor in it.

Go look for yourself if it will help you transition

The firming agent in the beans is actually ruining the beans!

When is the uprising again?

Y’all all have so many addictions.

Synthetic material is highly flammable, and when they go to drop their little bombs in the air, you’re gonna go poof poof

It’s extremely hard to extinguish

Corduroy was always 100% cotton (no synthetic fibers)

But now that the Chinese government openly control everything – they are changing the literal definition and meanings of words.

The first Bible can be traced back to Asia.

“Made in China”

The Bible has also been rewritten so many times that it’s Luciferian in nature.

Still think porn should be widely circulated on social media – while our free speech is not?

The Internet should be made 21+

I see one little thing and get traumatized

My sexual energy is pure

My body

There are parts of me untouched and untainted

I have a shit ton to learn with a man

If and when the time ever comes

And God knows the sacrifices I’ve made to cleanse myself of a curse

I’ve got holes in my fucking wall…

I need out of the city

I don’t want to support the enemy

There are people in China suffering from their own fucking government that I can’t fucking stand who has taken over America.

I’m still a Soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are going after soldiers who want 100% for PTSD. They’re trying to fucking commit us because the goddamn enemy is inside the White House.

Can anyone hear me through their addictions and own personal hell?

Or naw? Pretty certain naw…

Because sex toys are being sold at the health department at Walmart

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