Across the Sky

Ghosting 2.0 (I miss him and need him)

A Million Sunsets + My Love

You bring light in (when can I see your face again)

Mandatory Social Distancing

Sending love (I think) during this mandatory social distancing

Lost and Found

I'll drop your heart in the lost and found


Maybe I'm not what they need


Despair is starting to fill the love boat.


Another unrequited 3 AM love poem, for the one, the haunting ghost in my life


I wrote this freestyle for my Instagram but felt like it belonged here...


He's been crucified and his name three times denied


I love him


Got his noose around my neck...

Ink and Tears

A freestyle poem of unrequited magnitude

Paper Cuts

Wake me when you're ready

The Garden of Us

A rhyme or cadence (updated with original digiart)


To whom does his words belong


He gives her everything and she gives him unfaithfulness

Angels Among Us

Micropoem + angelic digiart


I just want him to know I'm drowning

Christmas Mourning

Christmas mourning freestyle rhyme

Web of Shadows

Aging like oak and bitter like stout


I identify as dead


Call me crazy but my heart says he loves me

300 Days

Sailing through heartache



Seeds of Descent

Bleeding in rhyme and real time

Barely Coping

Mostly moping, barely coping


Am I getting through?



Ice Rings

Unrequited love poem number ten thousand


I'm not the reason he is bad, I'm not the reason you have no self-worth.


I see right through you and see nothing more than a tool. Congrats, you could have been so much more but you're just like any other dick with a 4.0

Vampire Viking Fourplay

Something like that babe...

Like a Moon

He captured me

Rhyme and Curses

Searched decades, found him in hell like a pimp with gals on every arm and he spat at me, his fucking soulmate, said to piss off

Ice Age

I'm so cold, where is he? He took away my sun...


He does everything he can to avoid me but now the feeling is mutual


He may have a 4.0 GPA but he's stupid and a monster

Third Eye

Please see me

Mount Everest

"I love you the best, better than all the rest..."


Ah, love in the underworld; sinks fangs into flesh (succulent)


Goddess of Confusion / A poem + photos (because why not)

All Hallows Eve Dancing

Longing AKA dancing for the first time in my fangs... + Snaps

92 Million Miles Away

When they come together it's like an eclipse, rare and magnificent.


He left me high and dry

Perfect Form

"Gimme that cold shoulder like “brrr” I make a snow cone with it, sir" - Alexander Ebert


The Moon and I have an alibi, you are the reason we cry.


A poem about spiders, or I don't know, maybe emotional manipulation. My thoughts might be creepy but tis almost Halloween! Cobwebs!


Like a ghost he roams my heart, I miss him.

Exiled (Again)

Fun fact: I have been referred to as "a cub" cuz I never look my age (forever young). The poem suggests I never act my age either and I would concur...

A Visit From Lu Part 4

A Visit From Lu Part 4


Regrets and sorrow


Like a fucking yoyo we are but if I wanted a fag, I could pop down to the store...

Hope Nope

Hope is a dead star


Where do I put the love?

Come Back



I put up with alot of bullshite

Loss For Words

Unrequited love chapter 666


You know I don't do this for the likes, right? I keep my blog advert free too. "See the safety from the life you have built, everything where it belongs" (it's a NIN song and worth a listen or ten).

Kingdom Come

She is his to conquer


I need him. Utterly. In every way.

Cold Front

I wasn't prepared for winter


Dark places, dark thoughts, freestyle ache


A love poem that would like to be a song + a crappy snap of me

Queen of the Knight

Checkmate, please. A Queen who loves her Knight.

Cosmic Street

Thinking of you...


If only fingers were used for healing...


I'd wait for you forever but I need you now, tomorrow, forever, in any way but this way.


Your love is a supermassive black hole

A Raft Named Hello

A sad poem about the greatest love of all never existing


Nothingness am I


I tried to kill all the parts in me that loved him. I tried to understand the lesson he taught me. I tried moving on. I tried to love the distance. But the ache swells.


It's better to love him from afar.


It's a blues song in my head. 😊 A poem about confliction and taking the right road when you don't know what road to take so you take them all instead, including the wrong ones, regrettably.


They care not while I rot.


He is everywhere inside me. A micropoem about confusion and worry. And a little bit of love.

Love Is The Subject

The poem says perfection doesn't exist but my love for you does.

Tree of Life

Let's carve our names in our tree! 🙂 A poem about togetherness and separation. And how badly I crave his garden. (If you're reading this, I love you if you didn't already know).


Letting go is so hard. I can't. I love him. I shouldn't but I do... 😦


We were made for each other. Yin and yang.

Sun and Moon

I cheat on the day with the night. The Sun is chasing the Moon and the Moon is seeking the Sun but the two never meet.


I need him

Event Horizon

I imagine getting pulled into a black hole must feel exactly like depression and anxiety.

Dark Alleyway

The lure of fucking love. A poem. A micropoem about purgatory, longing, desire.


If we can't see it, we can feel it. If we see it, it changes us. We don't change it but it changes us.

Made of Steel

A poem about how hard we make life for one another.

Chasing Ghosts

We've been lost on the same road Making circles back again We've been chasing all the ghost Who will destroy us in the end Along the way we have passed Pretending each were a friend How long can we last Avoiding roads full of sin What test do we pass Where does the road to … Continue reading Chasing Ghosts

Through To You

Is there a special niche needed to get through to you? How much time should one have to pursue? You threw down the gauntlets and then you withdrew You said you'd be back but it's clear that we're through I could wait long hours and it's something you knew Feeling something real has been long … Continue reading Through To You