Interplanetary (poetry)

It’s not an employer, is it?
But it’s none of my business
I smell shit, not eucalyptus
Guess you’ll never visit

He’s interplanetary lightning
And I’m Olympus Mons
Electrical discharge coming
There’s nowhere to run

He’s here but then he’s gone
But will I carry on?
Bow head denouement
He’s like a paragon
He loves me but there is none

I’m surrounded by crosses
Tears flowing downstream

Like paying off a midnight deposit
Recurring nightmare the only theme

Telling her all you promise
Knowing it won’t mean a thing

If only hope came in boxes
A funeral for your dream

You move so far the cold is on my shoulder
Don’t go so far that I’ll never know yah

I’ve got a box of matches
And a book I never read
I’ve got attaches
And a lock that needs cutting

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

All content by @poeeternal

P.S. he video called again and again and I like hearing his voice & seeing him. I should not but I do.

His calls always catch me off guard and I’m never quite ready for them

I like when he appears 👀

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