Into Darkness

Where am I to go
When life without you is all I’ll know
A galaxy out of control
A black hole forming in my soul

And how the skies envy her reign
I am lost all the same
Keep calling your name
Though I don’t know where to aim

Directionless, still my compass points to you
North, south, east, west; you’re all I’m into
Or how the space inside grew
When away you flew

Leaving me an island of despair
I’ve laid my soul out bare
Drowning on too much air
Believing you’ll never care

My love, pull the lights from me please
Have mercy
Into darkness help me ease
Give me eternal sleep

© Delia Ross. 2020

Let my heart be your final resting place.

Give me death or you

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  1. My hair is getting ridiculously long and every fine silk is 1000% homegrown from my very skull. I am 100% real. Plastic free. Feel everything. The opposite of desensitized.


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