Companion Star

You’re not just my companion star, you’re my entire fucking world


300 trillion miles from Earth my love is still yours

I’m your girl

South, North, East, West

I love you best for sure

Visible to the naked eye and traveling light speeds my love

You left on me a celestial fingerprint

Love permanent

Every night I watch the stars rising like my love for you

Your name is etched on my soul true

I love you more than there are grains of sand

Watch love expand

It’s been expanding since the Big Bang 13 billion years ago

It was written so

Your lines are received

They are attached to me

You give me soul shattering earthquakes

Soulshakes, trembles, and full aches

My life leaped galaxies leaping for you

Hopscotch between your dream and mine

I’ve been gravitating towards you this whole time

The Earth is spinning because you kissed me with words

Where nothing hurts

I have never seen a bouquet more beautiful than the ones you assemble with verbs

Your eyes kiss mine and mountains tremble in skies

You make all of Earth rise

The stars are my love

© Delia Ross. 2020

Bleeding rhyme from the divine – his mind – my line

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