I know you come to me
From windswept dunes
Hollow and calloused from time
You keep crawling
And I a mirage you are hauling
Like dying dreams painted golden filigree
Am I unholy?
The way you hold me
Like butterfly wings
You’re now unfolding
Reflections cast like starlight
You keep me glowing

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Do y’all get tired of my similes? The comparisons? Because Gwen Stefani uses the word “like” in every other word just talkin’ and I’m actually trying to use mine in a creative way. I’m just wondering how many people out there are actually annoyed at my creativity? Asking for a friend.

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5 responses to “Filigree”

  1. I’m certainly not annoyed by your creativity. I would prefer a thousand of your creatives to one negative post. Creativity makes the world go around! Keep doing what you do best.

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