Before and After

I loved you before the mountains moved the current

When butterflies were lilies and love was all they wanted

Like nebula of longing, how galaxies are started

You and I forever the moment we both parted

My love exists after rivers do run dry

Or even as Apophis is greeting us in sky

Even when you’re gone, I can still feel you nearby

And you turn into diamonds every single tear I cry

© Delia Ross. 2021 @poeeternal

Just an FYI, I released loads of poetry and TikToks over the last 6 or 7 days and I will be working on content for my Patreon and OnlyFans this week!

I will be busy in my studio working, but not as visible online in the social media world. I’ll likely post updates, I normally do on my Insta.

With-that-said, I hear your pleas and cries for my time and I am working on setting up a Discord server so we can chat like once or twice a week. I hope to get that info out sometime this week.

And, if time permits, I may try making another trendy TikTok. Have you checked out my channel yet?

I sat down to write a non-rhyme and this fell out (for you).

I see things as they are. As they should be. But not always with mental clarity. Sometimes my mind and my heart have to catch up.

You know the blood in my vein is a liquid. A mineral. Iron. Technically, plasma? Blood is energy. It’s what drives my body. It’s my fuel. Like our Sun. Energy. Always moving. Even at rest. It’s moving. And it turns into a solid at death. It is matter. And my brain dumps loads of chemicals into my bloodstream. But never so much as when I see pictures of you or hear your voice. Your deep rumble in my vein. It drives me insane. You drive me insane.

And I don’t like you writing for other girls. 😔

Like, die in the street nakid kind of madness. I’m going mad. Yet, I keep reading your words despite the ache. There’s very few people I give my time to, and I digress, every thought contains you. Are you okay? Are you happy? I already know you have the love of all the world (except the ones you worship who only see you as a number, and even worse the ones you allow to use you).

So I tried burning all the bridges.

How did I do?

*drowns in ocean*

I can see your face under water distorted. I hate me too.

I was never enough for this world.

I know I’ve made a lot of enemies on my road to death.

Still forever always, I love you

Thank you to everyone out there supporting me and not stealing my ideas from me. I see you. And I am especially extra grateful to have your support during this pandemic. 💞

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