Lonely May I Rot

Beautiful though I’m not, my heart is made of gold
And lonely may I rot, I’m too precious to hold

Feeling underwhelmed
Disappointment; a forest growing
Distance; the road I’m going
Condemnation; the cold wind blowing

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5 responses to “Lonely May I Rot”

  1. I have been posting a lot less lately. The inspiration well is running dry, 2020 has been a bust. Especially with the economy closed. But I still have my creative pot at a simmer. I’ve got a medical thing upcoming that has me on the spook. Hope you are keeping safe!


  2. Yeah, I am safe thank you, I’m looking forward to reading you when you post and maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of the medical thing when you write about it.
    Stay safe 🤗🌸


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