I’ve made wrong choices, let the wrong friends in my life
One beat me so badly he nearly took my life
I’ve taken many lovers but I’ve never been a wife
Everyone thinks I’m paranoid cuz I’m married to my knife

I’m not giving up, I’m still holding on though I’m losing height
My steps are slowly faltering and I’ve lost my will to fight
Every time I turn around someone has taken another bite
It’s almost like the demons know my soul is filled with blight

I’ve been down this road searching for you for sometime now
I should finally take a rest and give Lu a proper bow
I only care about you, I too avoid the crowd
I am utterly devoted to you and to this I avow

Now you know these terrible truths do you even want me around
Though we’re both wanderers in hell love is still allowed
I wear my favorite sin and I want to make you proud
But if you ghost me in hell I will never make it out

© Delia Ross. 2019

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