I’m like a mannequin in a window that you’ve only come to browse
Or a lion in a city when I’m really just a mouse
I’m the lie that keeps repeating when you haven’t any vows
I’m the girl you stopped defending just because your words arouse

I’m the contact in your mobile though you haven’t got my cell
I’m the address you keep needing though you know I live in hell
I’m the one who gives you meaning when you’ve lost your will to dwell
I’m the love that keeps you dreaming but it’s never parallel

I’m the moment you kept dreading but now it’s come and gone
I’m the reason that you wake up when there isn’t any dawn
I’m the one who says I’m sorry when there wasn’t any wrong
I’m the one you call a queen but you treat me like a pawn

I’m the silk from your mouth when you needed just a muse
I’m the gold that you won but forgot on the cruise
But for me you’re the boy who removes all the blues
And I’m just a girl hoping I’m the one you will choose

© Delia Ross. 2019

I wonder if he loves me in the real world…

Because it would make me happy if he did… ❤

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