Transmission Unknown

Transmission unknown but the signal goes until I’m no longer breathing
It looks as if he ran away but looks can be deceiving
He is shining in my sky, though it must be evening
And wishes when they can be made, I hope it’s me he’s needing
And maybe when he settles down, my love he’ll be receiving

© Delia Ross. 2020

All those donuts I ate caught up with me
And I now weigh in at 129 pounds
Light as maybe 2 feathers now…
Or three…
Happy Valentines!! I love you!!! ❤
Seriously though I do
Do you think we’ll be friends one day? Or follow one another again?
I would like that, wouldn’t you?
I feel your energy all the time. Is that you? Transmissions received

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12 thoughts on “Transmission Unknown

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  1. I´m sure he´ll be receiving, no doubt about that. By the way before he receives did you know you have some cat ears in some photos…. apart from some hearts, but the cat ears… I don’t know maybe the guy is a dog lover and will find it highly offensive when he is in a state of shock about to receive, and it might damage his mental state. Just a thought that came to mind.

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  2. Tell that to all the girls I’ve been with, actually it seems I have that gift, like the writing gift, but sex gift. They go off quite happy, had some nutty ones calling me over and over also…but now at 37 settling down. Time to work more on this writing thing than on the girls, still love ya though but before……man, those where some times. And my guess is that you would be one of those that would actually call me to hook up again, and I only know you by your blog.
    But I wouldn’t do that to you, you’d probably end up with a broken hip and sore muscles 😉

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