Double Rainbows (rare event). My dad died.

*edit* RIP daddy. This event was you telling me goodbye. Now I know!

Huh. Weird orange hue. Why is the sky orange. Sure, the Sun is rising but…

So, I had a peek out my blinds. Still didn’t explain the orange hue. Dog must wait. Safety first.

Slipped on my flip flops with phone in hand (it’s almost ritualistic- the phone checking upon waking). Went outside.

Still did not understand what was causing the sky to be completely orange. Did we get nuked? Is there a sandstorm coming? This isn’t a sunrise. This looks kinda terrifying.

Then a huge rainbow formed before my eyes. From one end of the sky to the other. A prism of color. And then behind it, another!!!

And it almost seemed like it was inside this big bubble. The bubble verse theory I was studying.

And I’ve been reading a lot about the Multiverse Bubble theories lately and am coming to this conclusion that I’m starting to believe in it more than that ridiculous Big Bang theory.

But I do. And I’ve been trying to make sense of my world and what it all means, if it’s all going to end anyway. I am the universe experiencing itself. We all are. And so I’ve been thinking a lot about energy and how it can’t be created or destroyed.

I think about the interconnectivity. How we’re all one.

Anyway, I think the double rainbow was a sign.

And, I’d never seen a rainbow so vividly last so long.

Seconds generally.

Well, I ran out of room on my device filming this double rainbow for over 6 minutes.

I dropped the video of the double rainbow on my Instagram IGTV.

The double rainbow reminds me to keep going. That in life, the things you love may be out of reach. But that doesn’t mean that the love wasn’t felt or received. Sometimes, optical illusions are real. And even if by worlds separated, love travels at light-speeds.

I sat and watched that weird ass bubble in the sky, along with those double rainbows that arched high across the sky, until it faded and I could see it no more.

Bye daddy. Hope you had a great final gig in the sky! 😭😭😭

5 thoughts on “Double Rainbows (rare event). My dad died.

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  1. You must see the inner light….the colors of that rainbow was a sign….there was a reason you experienced it….it’s like your hidden being trying to come out….to be free….to simply BE….connect with that energy….with those colors ❤️✨


  2. I’m sorry to know that, dear Delia….it must be a difficult moment for you….he’ll always be with you in a formless form though….you’re always welcome to write to me if you wish to share anything….much love & warm hugs ❤️


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