I can see part of his face
Haunting me through time
I want to memorize his shape
Like a spiral on a spine
And the colors of his flesh
The canvas of divine
Takes the pain beneath the breast
Gives me hope to align


© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

*The below contains unpopular opinion and language* 🤓

Is it true that trademarks are only recognized in some countries now?

It’s a bold statement to make, it’s just I saw something pop up on a video game about trademarks being recognized in some countries only – or at least, that’s how I perceived it. I seem to read between the lines (or gaslighting).

So the FDA has banned menthol but I could turn myself into a lizard if I want? 🤔

So, I can get a full body lizard tattoo and split my tongue, and get a full sex change operation, I can identify as a carrot BUT it’s illegal to smoke a menthol cigarette? 🤔

Somebody help me the fuck out

I can sew up my pp and chop off my boobs but I can’t smoke a menthol? 🤔

Wait, what.

We can still feed sugar crack to 3 year olds but I can’t smoke a fucking menthol? 🤔

So I can give this god damn sugar crack to recommended age 3+, but I can legally no longer buy a pack of menthol? 🤔

It’s fucking cancer + crack and recommended right there on the package for age 3+

But menthol is fucking banned.

Uhm, okay who is running the fucking country?

Y’all have lost y’all damn mind

I don’t even smoke anymore but on the rare occasion that I do, it’s a fucking menthol.

I just don’t understand the world anymore and I can’t blame it on my brain injury any longer.

I haven’t been voting for any of this shit!

I don’t want my tax money going to NASA!!!!!

In other news, if I die, I’m still gonna be taking my last breath dreaming about you.

Because I like how you lean on my lips and touch my cheeks with your fingertips.

I like the little ways you go above and beyond to show me you care.

I like living off your breath because it’s the nectar of life.

Your kiss.

And all I want before I die.

My cat mask arrived after a bit of a challenge to get it! I’ve had a lot of request to bring back the cat cosplay but I wanted to upgrade to a better mask! I haz done! Hope you like! It’s a spectacular mask!

Getting to do cosplay is my passion and I’m always listening to what you like and I’m always behind the scenes trying to get better, to enhance my makeup skills, my costumes, my wardrobe, my camera skills. All the things.

I love drama and the arts, cosplay is improv time for me!

My workout routine has been halted, but not my diet. 🤢

I’m not quitting my photography, writing, or cosplay.

Though moving now at a snails pace.

I got it from Amazon Prime – a favorite place to shop no doubt. Been shopping there for years. Even bought my Epiphone guitar kit from there. Came with everything, still working good. 🤓

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