Sworn (poetry)

Do not mourn
When I am gone
For it’s been said
I am nearly home
My soul’s heaven sworn

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

You can’t see it and I can’t prove it, but John is using his wings to carry me like a hammock.

Because I have to make up pretend people that care about me

And in the real world, there is only monsters

Today is hard day and I don’t want to talk about it

But the VA has totally let me down and I’ve contacted and filed a case with the WhiteHouse

And requested a new primary care doctor *sigh* again 👎👎

And before you say that I’m the problem, just remember the suicide rate continues to increase among military and veterans

I shouldn’t have to beg for the treatment I need to get better

This isn’t a dictatorship, you don’t get to decide what treatment for me when there’s only 1 I can do

John is swinging me so I have to go

I’ve got one foot in time and one foot in eternity

I’m still on bedrest, so the next motherfucker who drops into my inbox with a job offer is getting a block (you’re lucky I simply moved you to the ignore folder but that’s a no contact move for me)

Him: “hey how are you”

Me: bedrest blah blah blah

Him: “oh that sucks, hey I got a job offer for you…”


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