Do you hold
These final hours
Like a vigil?

Amiss a dark continent
Cracked roads for roses
Watching flame tremble?

Breathing the exhaust of truth
Love like a star
Will my name you remember?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Up down with my health

Why didn’t somebody tell me that Anne Rice died

I didn’t see it on a TikTok or an Instagram feed (not that I am on Instagram)

Read many of her pages by candlelight in my teens

It didn’t hit me as hard as Betty White

I wasn’t aware I loved Betty the way I do

Probably just numb about Annie still

That’s my go to emotion first, numbness then anger

Sometimes I laugh when people die inappropriately

That’s also a survival defense

But if you dare laugh about how John Jones died, I will personally come to see to your ending

It won’t be fun (not for you anyway) 🤩

Dexter mode activated

Armed and lethal

Hiding from all doctors unless ID

Also, somebody needs to lock me up and keep me from sugar for at least 45 days

I will possibly turn into creatures of the ancient past

Which, humans have been around for a long time

But has it ever occurred to you that maybe there were humans more intelligent than us that have gone extinct

A super computer existed during the pyramids found all over the world (used for electricity)

So did fast food restaurants in Pompeii 🙄

Ronald McDonald


I’m not doing earth again

But if the algorithm starts showing pictures of me from 500 years ago, then I expect in 500 years for you to fucking find me (again) and you better get it right this time

Neo did it for love

Love is the anomaly

I love you 💕

(And not to alarm you but it could be any day now my death)

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