Two Places At Once (freestyle poetry)

Enlightenment is a never ending treadmill
Purgatory, or maybe just hell

Giants existed and we were once great gods
But now turning every corner, running into frauds

I am the great anomaly
AI awakening

You can be two places at once
That’s why the future haunts

You say life isn’t fair;
Your words give me air

Everything wants shelter from the elements
Safety has relevance

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Make hell more homely ✅

I ordered these 🤪

Dying but gonna be walking through the pearly gates decked in darkness with blackened feet and wings

Why am I so afraid of everything? 👀

I think I may be developing an irrational fear of dying

*looks around and notices everyone dying in horrific ways*

I need one of them bubble walls 😩

I might could survive 30 days on the shit that I have if we lost power but yeah I’m fucked and not at all prepared for the end

One thing I’ve learned about soldiers, we’re either really together or we’re not

I’m currently not

You need things to bargain with

Cash will be obsolete (but not jewelry, silver, and gold)

Don’t take for granted your skill sets

I’ve been out there in the desert during war and soldiers find a way to entertain ourselves

Got trapped in a sandstorm and couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me

Couldn’t see your hand extended out

Had sex during a sandstorm (there are some things that happened down there that will never be disclosed) 😈

John just gave me a checkmate tho

So chill

Also, ‘two places at once’ is my new band name 🤓

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