Small Talk (poetry)

Beware the black sky event
I unplugged
But that’s where my heart went

He’d rather get a death note
Than receive a love boat

Every view
I accredit you
Knowing we are through
Turns grey to light blue
I gaslight too

He’s the book of exodus
Follow him through the end
He’s a place of exit
Where my head has been

War is imminent
But you ain’t loved me yet
War is imminent
But you ain’t loved me yet

She has tattoos of herself on her vein
They’re cut from the same cloth
Narcissist insane

The boat will sink,
And I’m asking about the weather,
Think it won’t get any better,
What do you think?

I’m standing between two versions of who you are

Is heartache less painful in the Arctic?
Is paradise where you harden?
Are ones and zeros your ZIP Code?
Is there a time where you are not cold?

I see reflection
Traces of greek
But when he messages
My legs grow week

Fall from the sky
You’ll turn to mush
Set your sails to him
And hope will flush

He thanked me
Guess he couldn’t live without me
So we’re fencing
Erecting hopelessness like we are happy

I throw dust at him when the wind is blowing
I won’t buy his silence
He’s a lightbulb in a cemetery buried
And I’m growing violent

I know you don’t care
But are you out there?
Please be somewhere

I climbed a mountain when I couldn’t see the top
I kept on going when I felt that I would drop

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

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