I made penny bank! πŸ€¨

Earned my first pennies on the TikTok live today 🧐

I was doing the gig for free

But some peeps sent me some roses 🌹 and they were my very first gifts received ☺️

And the roses convert to diamonds πŸ’Ž

I earned 37 gifts during my live today ☺️

And the diamonds convert to my first pennies earned for the land/commune 😎

I’m super excited when people join my live and then it’s really cool when I get comments and then it’s really cool when people like and share my live and then this was the first time I earned any roses, so I was receiving gifts this live

I had a notification from TikTok when I ended my live that I had earnings!

So I made some tips on my beach walk today! That’s pretty lucky!

I’m gonna put it towards the farm!

I want to be Miss Noah for the next phase of my life, if I’m granted another round, still having heart and lung problems tho – I’m reading the life expectancy of someone with my condition is 2-5 years.

Just getting to go live is therapeutic for me

I get to share my environment with you

I get to talk to real people

I’m tired of talking to my therapist πŸ˜‘

I’m not in this for the money. But since I’m starting to earn some pennies, I’m gonna save them.

I might can buy my pretend boyfriend one of them .25 cent toys

I’d spend my last quarter on him and he’d break up with me πŸ˜‘

I always wind up having to leave my lives early because my battery drains and so I need to take a back up and I’m going to invest in some more equipment in the future

Somebody left me a negative comment about my potty mouth and I told myself I would stop responding to negative comments immediately and wait 24 hours and I did not and I ran somebody off again but I don’t wanna dwell on that because I’m not gonna change who I am

I don’t want to censor myself around other people and I’m aware that people don’t like to hear cursing so I am very minimal about it but come on leaving me negative comments under a video where I’m clearly showing fear is ridiculous and if you really have God in you then stop judging so much

I’m sure I’ve yelled at God to strike me dead a time or two but he knows I don’t really want that to happen

I’m gonna stub my toe in heaven and scream out Jesus Christ and he will appear and be like “yes” and I’ll be like, “well you could’ve made me at least a little bit less clumsy” πŸ€ͺ

I’m aware my house has cobwebs but God is the only one allowed here

I’m a work in progress 🀨

And thank you for the roses I received for Valentines! πŸ™

I’m literally putting it towards the commune. I may never earn another rose, but I got 37 in one day. Plus a bunch of likes, comments, and follows!

Someone even said I was pretty and asked me about my stiletto nails and I have four new sets so that made me feel good because I plan on doing a new set soon.

Y’all are keeping me alive, pennies and all.

I know I cuss and say God’s name a lot but I’m living in hell. πŸ˜‘

But also agonizing agony.

I carry my potty mouth the way Jesus carries the cross.

People in the south always molding and scolding me about my mouth

In second grade, my teacher washed my mouth out with soap for mispelling shirt as “shit”. She said, “you never misspell, you did that on purpose”

I don’t know, I probably did do it on purpose, it was probably a cry for help… πŸ˜‘

I was being heavily molested and abused

But damn me for spilling shit in the second grade

Woo hooοΏΌ

I cuss. I probably shouldn’t. I’m not gonna stop.

Anyhoo. Hands down my best live. We went for a long beach walk and saw lots of stuff. I got fresh air, communication, and exercise. I earned some roses for Valentines. I had the most follows in this live and I think I got the most likes but I don’t remember what the overall total was. Tons of comments and viewers from all over.

Thank you for letting me go live. I’m grateful I am able to do that now! Isolated but not. Compromise! 😌

I’ll be going live again soon weather permitting and health.

You can follow my channel here: https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdB8TQnc/

Or search via my pen and hashtag at PoeEternal (on TikTok)

There are many many people who commented that they enjoyed the live and some of them said they enjoyed it again so I really appreciate you tuning in! πŸ₯°

Florida is a different vibe

Many people were waving on the beach when they saw me filming and smiling

The lifeguards on the other hand…

It’s weird, the actual demons fear live video

But we have one of the worlds most famous beaches, the sands are white and it looks like snow as someone pointed out today on the live…

Got me some vitamin D direct from the source and some love in the form of currency too

As far as I’m concerned, I collected 37 lucky penny’s today and I didn’t even know I was gonna get them

So that makes them twice as lucky (squared)

I want to share my life with you, the good and the bad.

The cursing and the laughter

I’m not a one trick pony

I’m not perfect

I don’t wanna be…

Let Edgar Allen Poe know I was busking on the street today and earned some pennies

I think he’d be durn proud πŸ₯Έ

$.18 in the 1800s might’ve been enough to buy him a steak meal, not let him die in the fucking street starving naked mad…

Bless his heart, he was an officer. They let him starve on the street. And now they are selling locks of his hair. This is hell. πŸ˜‘

Yeah, I cuss. Deal with it.

I wish I could change but born this way.

Petite with a potty mouth. 😌

Not for everyone

P.S. happy valentine’s

Thank you for the roses 🌹

Thank you to everyone keeping me alive

All the little things matter

I need my boyfriends to build me an ark

The flood is coming

I live in Florida

Apparently I can’t swim

I had a seashell hit my foot during my live today and I probably woke Satan up from his nap

I haz fears

And you only need less than a teaspoon to drown

Less than a teaspoon…

Some days I swallow my tea and nearly drown so apparently I can’t drink either

I’ve since learned that the tea is being poisoned, I just wasn’t really listening to my body…

I’ve been ignoring all the red flags

In fact, death is facing all paths of me, I’m just trying to find one that’s a little less scary…

And I really hope my life expectancy is more than 2 to 5 years but considering that all my life I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t live to 50 and that I would either die of suicide or heart problems and now I’m having heart problems and they’re saying that people with these particular heart problems have a life expectancy of 2 to 5 years, it’s just not looking so good for me now is it πŸ‘€

Betty White at the near age of 100: “I hope I live another year…”

Me at the baby producing age of 43 (and still ovulating with zero gray): “I hope I live another day…”

You just had to call me ominous and I just had to go walking into that cave, huh…

I really should listen to people better but whatever

Nearly dead now

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