The Missing (poetry)

He must be
Out there in Utah
Part of the bourgeois?
Or just the outlaw?

He must be
Over the burrow
Down in the south?
Just word of mouth?

He must be
Under the willow
Out of the city?
The missing part of me?

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

But why do I sob when I write? I have to take breaks and blow my nose. 😤

I probably have better poetry in the vault but I’m still freestyle dropping when folks be sleeping.

Things probably could be better but I don’t have any time to waste, I’m dying.

Elon is projecting when he says he wants to “die a mysterious death and go to hell with all his friends”

I think I’m gonna throw up…

But I wrote this poem for us instead

I don’t even know who “us” is

I’m not living to my purpose

*dies on street*


On a positive note, my hashtag has been searched/viewed over 15,500 times on the TikTok (Poe says he’s responsible for a few) 🤓

Why wouldn’t Edgar like me showing up to his poetry readings, I’m his biggest fan next to you

I’d probably have like a signed tee-shirt or something

And the fact that he died on the street naked mad out of his mind completely poor and unable to sell any of his writings to the local press to earn a penny so that he could eat even though he served as an officer in the military for two years tells me that he was not a narcissist – because his family said “he was no good alive” and refused to attend his funeral dead

They proceeded to toss him in an unmarked box in an unmarked location

*tries to calm down*

At this point, a box to be buried in is a surplus cuz I don’t have a pot to piss in

I don’t know what state you live in, you never wish me a happy birthday, and I hope you also burn in hell

And I wouldn’t invite you to any of my events either

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