Stockpile (micropoetry)

Stockpile heavenly treasures
Our poetry mixed together
Blood churned with endeavors
Math cannot measure…

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I’m made of fine lines and wrinkles; poetry and some dimples. I guess I’m simple. 😌

Describe yourself in 4 words via a poem. New trend. Go! (Tag you’re it)

*I made this writing game up so keep it going.*

I’d like to start contributing to the writing community and this is baby steps OK

Thanks for checking out my blog, liking, commenting, or following!

More easy rhyme coming! 🐣

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5 responses to “Stockpile (micropoetry)”

  1. I used to be fast, now I am slow, I had many talents which have all started to go.

    Your far from simple. Your amazing.

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