Garden of the Gods (mini-poems)

His path leads me to the Garden of the Gods
Like lightning rods

His heart is hard
A place to guard

I radiate the potential for havoc
Learning to control the devil’s habit

Pain is covered with calcite, tissue, and muscle
I chose to be invisible until one day I clearly was

How do you have so much resolve to be so hateful

I am dust and cloud
Shrouded in form
Ready to be born

So what! You got caught looking!
You crawled into a planted trap!
It’s humiliating!
The world doesn’t give a crap!

Society is breeding evil
The devil in control
But I’m so tired of cutting people
That do not have a soul

Dying is a ceremony

Beware false prophet
Poison product

He’s nihilism
Keeps soul in prison
Never first position

I’m color-coded
Disorganized and bloated
Sorely hated, duly noted
Born foreboded

I’m a threat everywhere
My beauty, my scorn
I give up on everything
But then I’m back again reborn

Watch your step
One regret can lead to death


The breakdown is the breakthrough

I sometimes see him in the mirror
Confused on what it means
Wish vision would appear clearer
Then I’d understand the hope he brings

I wish a man would make me feel like a woman
But instead, they beat and hold me to the floor;
Tell me, I’m not worth fighting for

Society is an echo chamber

We live in a closed containment
The earth is what we name it

My own hurts are a form of hell
Complete discipline to be well

Father, please do not let me deny him three times

He appears like a soul mirror
A waterbed with daffodil
He is Lake Superior
The calmness and the still

I go in circles when I get lost
It’s disconcerting
A personal holocaust

The slow delay in becoming

I have a hard time connecting to the devil’s circle
An open world
And he’s a lure
Traversing the obscure
He’s at my door
Constantly banging
Begging for more

I’m flame and fire
The netherworld
The scent of death
I still can’t feel things yet

I’ll give you the grand tour
But there is no cure
And do I not know you well?
You fought for insecure
Now you’re not so sure
You’re all impure

I remember needle and thread
I wrote the book on dread
Your main desire
Well look ahead
Goddess or prior
I think you should retire
Those images in your head

(I’m no liar) (I’m no liar) (I’m no liar)

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I’m thinking of re-activating my Patreon, with 1 tier only of exclusive poetry monthly, not posted anywhere else.

I’m also working with eBay, to reactivate my seller account, and get back to selling rarities. I have amazing reviews from my time on eBay.

I don’t know why I don’t enjoy what little bit of stuff I have, I just feel like it would be in better hands with people who would actually use it.

I don’t want that many responsibilities, I want to go hiking and shit when the time comes.

I wanna be outdoors.

Not inside concrete walls.

Crawling back to life. ❤️‍🩹

photo from Tuesday

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