The Wall (songwriting)

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Dropping content on my TikTok again! Maybe not what you want but tough-tiddy!

It feels good to be climbing out of the bed after one year down – to start fitness walking and biking again.

And I’ve been getting in over 2 mile walks – which is standard Army PT.

Google maps show a 1 mile walk at 45 minutes and I’m coming in at nearly 2.5 miles in about an hour. In the Florida heat. And sometimes stopping in what shade you find. 🤪

I need a mileage tracker for the bike, and a better way to film than shoving the handsfree down my bosom. 😎

But that keeps both hands on the wheel. 👍

It’s extremely dangerous riding out here. I’ve been nearly wiped out twice in just a week. I’m not exaggerating.

I know you wanna see the city stuff, that’s a bit further out, and even more dangerous.

I’m just now crawling outta my bed.

My doctor still has me on light duty-walking only.

I’m still detoxing 3 times a day, now with the maximum dose allowed. I’m using Black Walnut Wormwood & Apple Cider Vinegar. I’m on a strict diet routine change. I cold cut quit (nearly) the sugar and junk food.

I’m exhausted and climbing Mount Everest every day. I cannot heel.

Appreciate all the good support on my blog and channels! Thank you kindly!

Photo by @poeeternal

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