Wires (poetry)

No dreams it inspires
My bed is all wires

Covered in wool and wishes
If only walls would listen

Self-portrait from today

I knew things were going left
They’re pushing me to the edges
Between the widening circle
And disappearing wedges

Where up is down
Or so he alleges
And I’m clinging to life
With stains and sledges

But underneath the bridge
His voice is clearing out the hedges
Bit by bit
Little pieces of his pledges

Crawling to 44

The default instructions prevent death

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Happy Slavery Day (we gaslight and call it independence, it’s not. It’s micromanagement, it’s a dictatorship).

Bike rides & beach content soon

I’m finally leaving the house in my swimsuit and being seen in public

So much white flesh 👀

Freckled spots. And some brown.

I’m a half-breed.

I once had angel wings.

I love you all so much

Thanks for the blogship

Is that a thang?

I just want one idea to be my own before I die


It sucks being kinda smart but not really






(thinking of you know who always)

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